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How BizJetJobs Helps Employers
BJJ specializes in finding the highest caliber corporate pilots and crew available for your short or long-term needs. A BizJetJobs membership allows you, the pilot employer, to reach out directly to pilots, crew, and aviation professionals. You can use to search pilot profiles, find part-time or Contract pilots, and search by State. We also set up alerts to notify qualified crew about ideal-fit positions, so you land directly in their Inbox when you have a need.

We are the pilot job search partner of many Fortune 500 corporations, small flight schools, charter companies, wealthy private owners, and everyone in between. We send potential matches as soon as our employer members create an account and starts posting pilot jobs. Our expert staff will work within your parameters and time constraints to help you make the staff transition you are seeking, saving you time and money. Spend your time reviewing resumes and interviewing only the most qualified and targeted applicants who will be a good fit for your organization. Stop contacting pilots who might not even be available! builds relationships with our member pilots through the best customer service in the industry, and by notifying them directly about pilot employment opportunities that are a good fit. This creates excellent rapport, builds a good understanding of their current or upcoming availability, and helps us understand the type of aviation jobs they’ll consider a good fit. compiled these tips based on feedback from employers who have consistently been happy with their pilot hires using our service.

Quality of life, great schedules and the ability to commute are growing reasons pilots choose one pilot job over another. To get the right fit, employers it's an absolute must to sell their pilot jobs by offering more attractive benefits that corporate pilots want - and mentioning those benefits in the job post! BizJetJobs pilots tell us they want to work at a company that is:

  • supportive

  • motivational, and

  • team-oriented.

They want:

  • a great work environment

  • a good schedule,

  • and opportunities to grow.

You catch more flies with honey …

Since salary is always going to be top-of-mind, employers need to make sure the pay they offer is in line with industry standards. An increasing number of corporate pilot employers are turning to salary surveys like ours to take the guesswork out of determining pilot pay. If you know you can offer competitive compensation, say so in your job post! Jobs that include pay or salary range information are shared ten times more often than jobs that don’t. Our most successful employers are now offering bonuses to pilots who stay on with them for a given period of time, instead of holding pilots to training contracts. You catch more flies with honey!

Why do pilots love working for you?

Answer this question, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a job post that is compelling for corporate pilots. We at BizJetJobs have seen a shift in our successful aviation employer job posts: from job posts that are all about the requirements of the job to posts that include the job's benefits to the pilot. High turnover rate? The corporate aviation world is a small one, and people talk. As a corporate aviation department or charter company, we believe your ability as an employer to find, develop, and retain good people is the single greatest factor in determining your success. What will candidates love about this job? What do employees say they love about your company? What can you tell us about your team? Are they a fun group to work with? Showing you know what pilots care about tells them they will be in good hands as an employee. It’s easy to leave a job, but it’s hard to leave colleagues that feel like family, a company or cause you believe in, and a team that’s counting on you. When times get tough, the company with a clearly defined set of values and a great corporate culture has something that is unique and reasons for its best pilots to stay.

Commuting & schedule

If you can offer home-based positions for pilots commuting from home, say so in your job post. These types of positions are especially attractive to pilots who have young families, or those who have retired to their dream location. Most pilots, however, are unique in their ability and willingness to relocate. If you’re not allowing pilots to commute, explain why they would want to relocate to your geography, and convince them it’s a great idea. Tell them where they can expect to fly, and where your company typically flies. Exotic locations can be huge selling points for adventure-loving pilots! Concise, clear verbiage like “10 days hard work per month,” “average workweek is 5 nights per week,” or “average flight time is 400 hours per year per pilot” helps set expectations right away, and will help you find the right pilot. If you’re having trouble filling a position, consider offering democratically determined schedules, or fewer days on in a row.


But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a testimonial by Captain Brent Coleman, Chief Pilot & Aviation Department Manager, who often needs to fill contract pilot jobs quickly. His experience is typical of the feedback we receive from many happy contract pilot jobs employers.

“Over the years I have been fortunate enough to earn the trust of foreign owners of the type jets we fly and care for. Most of the time we have started a flight department from nothing whereby the owner wanted at least one “local” crew member. Needless to say, this is not always easy so we must search the available firms that specialize in placing crew members with operators. I have used the best and the worst of these. The best I have used has been BizJetJobs. They are fully connected and actually are involved in the system that keeps us working, to satisfy our love of flying. Many times I have needed someone within 24 hours. BizJetJobs would get on the phone knowing I was stuck in a far corner of the world and screen for me the top candidates. The quality of these pilots was correctly vetted and made my selection quick and easy. Learning more about their services I have seen no copy-cat listings of positions. What you see is what you get. How nice to pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows what we need and how to get the ball rolling. On several occasions, I hired the pilots they provided me and left them with my job! Whether it is a part-time, one-off position, or a full-time contract, my calls will continue to go to BizJetJobs. They know the deal. We live the deal.”


The markup can be very high with staffing agencies, who try to get contract pilot job candidates to agree to a low rate, then charge you, the employer a high rate, so they can maximize margins. BizJetJobs can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars as you fill contract pilot jobs because we connect you directly with the contract pilot that meets your criteria. We have a network of seasoned pilots ready to work with over 10,000 type ratings. These corporate and contract pilots often pass on contract pilot jobs to their friends, extending our reach yet further. Because of our deep roots in the industry, our pilot database containing thousands of seasoned corporate pilots and superior matching technology, for a nominal monthly fee, we can find and connect employers with the right pilot quickly and efficiently. We’ve been doing this for 12+ years. We know the right people, and the most seasoned, experienced rock star pilots are using our service every day. We know how to reach out and get your contract pilot job filled. The resources corporate pilot employers have available with seeking to fill contract pilot jobs include:

  • An up-to-date list of Contract Pilots actively seeking last-minute opportunities

  • Post Contract Pilot Jobs on our aviation job board – receives tens of thousands of page views daily

  • Employer Dashboard to help you quickly organize applicants

  • Viral site technology whereby pilots and crew share jobs with friends & colleagues

  • Active social media resources

  • A large searchable database of pilots and flight attendants compiled over our close to 10 years in business

  • A network of partner Websites

  • A positive reputation among aviation professionals who regularly make use of our best-in-class customer service and superior website technology

  • Screening services based on your specific needs, including time in type, pay requirements, departure city, ex-military, potential for growth, and specific personality traits (i.e. outgoing personality, seasoned and conveys trust, etc.)

To get started, just post your corporate or contract pilot jobs with your specific requirements. Or you can search our site today for free to find the right contract pilots for your contract pilot jobs. Need to take it a step further? Reach out to BizJetJobs directly for ultra time-sensitive positions. We will start an immediate campaign to find the best candidate for your needs. Whether it’s a highly trained pilot licensed to operate multiple types of aircraft or an individual whose skill set is not addressed on a typical resume, we’ll notify you quickly so you can bring the right candidate on board.

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