2024 Pilot Salary survey
Pay scale by Position

Salary results show Total Compensation* and are sorted by aircraft and job title, along with high (75th percentile), low (25th percentile) and average pilot pay.

* Low Pay = 25th Percentile. High Pay = 75th Percentile. Salary includes all forms of compensation.
* Total Compensation = salary, bonuses, commissions. profit sharing distributions. medical, dental, life and disability insurance, retirement plans, memberships, & child care.

First Officer Salary Survey – Total Compensation
First Officer Salaries’ 2024Low PayAverageHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319$125,160$164,131$203,102
Boeing 737/BBJ$135,135$157,343$179,550
Falcon 7X / 8X$145,735$160,805$175,875
Falcon 900EX EASy$141,845$150,549$159,254
Falcon 900 / 900EX$135,345$143,338$151,331
Global Express BD700/XRS$138,285$148,215$158,146
Global 5000 / 5500$138,548$149,074$159,600
Global 6000 / 6500$140,543$150,229$159,915
Global 7500$155,348$177,022$198,697
Captain Salary Survey – Total Compensation
Captain Salaries 2024Low PayAverageHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319$221,925$270,105$318,285
Boeing 737/BBJ$227,425$288,338$349,250
Falcon 7X / 8X$230,137$274,293$318,450
Falcon 900EX EASy$229,295$252,148$275,000
Falcon 900 / 900EX$184,195$202,263$220,330
Global Express BD700/XRS$220,000$236,500$253,000
Global 5000 / 5500$230,065$252,588$275,110
Global 6000 / 6500$231,055$263,945$296,835
Global 7500$292,958$331,141$369,325
Senior Captain Salary Survey – Total Compensation
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Senior Captain Salaries 2024Low PayAverageHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319$239,400$282,500$325,600
Boeing 737/BBJ$239,400$297,500$355,600
Falcon 7X / 8X$231,000$287,000$343,000
Falcon 900EX EASy$233,800$261,900$290,000
Falcon 900 / 900EX$207,225$241,113$275,000
Global Express BD700/XRS$240,000$258,000$276,000
Global 5000 / 5500$225,400$277,200$329,000
Global 6000 / 6500$241,558$275,943$310,328
Global 7500$306,274$346,193$386,113
Chief Pilot Salary Survey – Total Compensation
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Chief Pilot Salaries 2024Low PayAverageHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319$256,500$321,375$386,250
Boeing 737/BBJ$256,500$318,750$381,000
Falcon 7X / 8X$247,500$307,500$367,500
Falcon 900EX EASy$242,150$295,800$349,450
Falcon 900 / 900EX$214,900$261,800$308,700
Global Express BD700/XRS$260,000$279,500$299,000
Global 5000 / 5500$233,450$287,100$340,750
Global 6000 / 6500$252,060$287,940$323,820
Global 7500$346,223$391,349$436,475
Aviation Manager Salary Survey – Total Compensation
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Aviation Management Salaries 2024Low PayAverageHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319$260,400$347,200$434,000
Boeing 737/BBJ$254,800$344,400$434,000
Falcon 7X / 8X$266,000$344,400$422,800
Falcon 900EX EASy$279,999$344,399$408,800
Falcon 900 / 900EX$269,999$332,099$394,200
Global Express BD700/XRS$281,999$346,859$411,720
Global 5000 / 5500$282,800$354,900$427,000
Global 6000 / 6500$284,820$357,435$430,050
Global 7500$375,000$431,250$487,500
Daily Rates for Contract Pilots (2024)
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Contract Pilot Pay: Daily RatesLow PayHigh Pay
Airbus ACJ318/319/320/321$2,000$2,600
Boeing 787/BBJ$2,500$3,000
Boeing 727$2,000$2,500
Boeing 717-777/BBJ$2,000$2,500
Challenger 650$1,800$2,300
Challenger 600/601$1,500$2,000
Challenger 604/605$1,500$2,000
Challenger 850$1,500$2,000
Challenger 300/350$1,500$1,700
Falcon 8X$2,400$3,000