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Flight Crew Employer Tips: Attracting the Ideal Candidates
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At, we've gathered valuable insights from employers who have consistently attracted top talent, including pilots and flight attendants, using our platform. To secure the right flight crew members, it's essential to offer competitive compensation and understand their motivations deeply.

Key Motivations for Flight Crew When Choosing a Job

Flight crew members prioritize quality of life, flexible schedules, and viable commuting options when selecting a position. Given the ongoing shortage of skilled flight crew, highlighting these benefits in your offerings is crucial. Feedback from our users indicates that flight crew members are drawn to environments that are:

  • Supportive
  • Motivational
  • Team-oriented

They also value:

  • Positive work atmospheres
  • Manageable and predictable schedules
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Effective Compensation Strategies

Salaries and benefits must meet industry standards as these are primary considerations for flight crew. Utilizing salary surveys can help ensure your compensation packages are competitive. Job postings that include specific salary ranges tend to receive more attention and shares. Offering bonuses for long-term commitments can also enhance the attractiveness of your positions, providing an incentive for stability without resorting to restrictive contracts.

Creating a Compelling Job Post

Consider what makes your company a great place to work. Transition your job posts from focusing solely on requirements to showcasing what your company offers. A low turnover rate is indicative of a healthy work environment. Highlight what your team is like, your company's values, and what employees enjoy about working with you. Positions that convey a sense of community and belonging tend to retain staff even through challenging times.

Scheduling and Commuting Flexibility

If you offer flexible commuting options or home-based positions, make sure to highlight these in your job listings. Such features are especially appealing to crew members with families or those living in their dream locations. If home-based work is not an option, provide compelling reasons to relocate, emphasizing unique travel destinations or flight experiences. Clearly defined work expectations like "10 days of intense work per month" or "400 flying hours per year" help set clear expectations and attract suitable candidates.

Need to Fill a Position Quickly?

For urgent hiring needs or challenging vacancies, offers extensive tools to help. Register to search our database by qualifications, find Contract/Part-Time Flight Crew, or search candidates by location. Our Corporate Aviation Staffing Specialists are also available to assist you in refining your job posts and finding the perfect candidate swiftly.

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Unlock the full potential of your aviation staffing efforts with the Employer Membership. Our platform is designed to streamline your recruitment process, allowing you to search and connect directly with highly qualified pilots and flight attendants. With our comprehensive search features, you can effortlessly browse through detailed profiles, viewing all relevant training and certification information at a glance.

Flight crew members appreciate direct outreach from potential employers, and our system makes it simple to initiate contact. By using, you're not just searching for candidates; you're engaging with them, building valuable connections that are vital in today's competitive aviation job market.

Join today and tap into a pool of exceptional aviation professionals, the perfect resource for finding and securing top-tier talent for your team. Experience an effective and efficient networking approach that sets the standard in the aviation industry.

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