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Employers - Streamline Your Hiring Process. Discover the Enhanced Features of our Employer Command Center
BJJ Crew
BJJ Crew

Employers - Streamline Your Hiring Process:

Discover the Enhanced Features of Our Employer Command Center

As an employer in the aviation industry, finding qualified crew members efficiently is essential to the success of your operations. At Bizjetjobs, we understand the challenges you face, which is why we're excited to introduce new features on our platform designed to simplify your hiring process.

Posting Made Simple

With our revamped website, posting job openings is easier than ever before. Whether you're looking for pilots, flight attendants, or other aviation professionals, our user-friendly interface allows you to create and post job listings within minutes.

Enhanced Employer Command Center

Our new and improved Employer Command Center puts the power in your hands. Two standout features, in particular, are poised to revolutionize your hiring experience:

  • Save Job Drafts: Have a job posting in progress but need to step away? No problem. With the ability to save job drafts, you can conveniently pick up where you left off at your convenience, ensuring no details are overlooked.
  • Duplicate Past Postings: Found success with a previous job listing? Save time by duplicating past postings with just a few clicks. Effortlessly replicate your most effective listings to attract top talent quickly.

All applicants for your position will be saved in your command center for easy access. You can simply click on their profile and send them a message when you are ready to connect.

Access to a Vast Network of Qualified Crew

Our platform boasts an extensive network of highly qualified pilots, flight attendants, and other aviation professionals. With new pilots and flight attendants registering daily, you have access to a pool of talent eager to join your team.

Our Job Seekers subscribe to receive job postings directly to their email, ensuring your openings are seen not only by those actively looking but also by passively looking professionals who are currently working but keeping their eye out for opportunities. Very soon our alerts system will be upgraded to include SMS. Stay tuned!

Tailored Staffing Solutions

At Bizjetjobs, we understand that every employer has unique staffing needs. Whether you're looking for full-time employees or contract crew, we're here to help. Our team can assist with vetting candidates, handling payroll for contract crew, and facilitating full-time placements, ensuring a seamless hiring process from start to finish. Whether you're in need of full-time employees or contract crew, we have hire is just a few clicks away.


Simplify your hiring process with Bizjetjobs. With our intuitive platform and enhanced features, posting job openings has never been easier. From saving job drafts to duplicating past postings, we're here to streamline your hiring journey.

Join the ranks of satisfied employers who have found success with our platform. Whether you need full-time employees or contract crew, trust Bizjetjobs to connect you with top-tier talent. Start posting with us today and unlock the potential of your aviation team.the solutions to meet your staffing needs.
Let us help you find the perfect fit for your team. Visit our website today to explore our enhanced features and start posting your job openings with confidence. Your next great

Start Your Hiring Journey Today

Don't let the complexities of hiring bog you down. With Bizjetjobs, you can post job openings quickly and easily, tapping into our vast network of qualified aviation

BJJ Crew
BJJ Crew
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