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New Year's Exercise for Job-Seeking Pilots: What Are Your Work Values?

Happy New Year! This is the time of year many of us in aviation celebrate the career goals we've met and set plans and goals for our careers for the year to come. Everyone, from Chief Pilots managing a team to those looking for contract work can benefit from this exercise. Instead of focusing on what you want to DO as a corporate pilot in 2019 (which can create anxiety), why not focus on who you want to BE? At, we have found that pilots who have a job and work for a company that lines up with their personal values are much happier and more successful than those who don't.

Define Your Intrinsic Values

What are the intangibles that keep you motivated or engaged at your job? Make a list of the things that when you wake up in the morning, make you look forward to going to work. Some examples:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Meaningful work: a sense that what you do matters
  • The feeling that you have choices, options & the ability to take risks
  • Variety and change at work
  • Helping others
  • A positive environment / positive communication
  • Recognition at work / feeling respected
  • A feeling of competence at work
  • A feeling of making progress toward goals

Define Your Extrinsic Values

These are the tangible rewards or work conditions that are more visible. These might include the office setting, vacation policy, and earnings potential. If you're managing a team, these might be the top things you believe motivate your employees. Examples:

  • A big paycheck
  • A great schedule
  • A beautiful hangar / office
  • Really good benefits (gym membership, health benefits, etc.)
  • Time off
  • Autonomy at work (the ability to make decisions that matter / contribute to the team)

Define Your Lifestyle Values

These are the personal values associated with where you want to live, how you choose to spend your free time, and your long-term life goals.

  • Schedule & the ability to have time off / spend time with friends / family
  • Living in a big city / location
  • Going to exotic locations
  • Saving money
  • Becoming a homeowner or being close to your home

We encourage job-seeking pilots to spend some time writing down ways your top values could be reflected in your ideal job. Keep these values top of mind as you research companies during your job search and use your values as the basis for some of the questions you ask hiring managers at your job interviews. You can also make mention of your work values in your cover letter so likeminded hiring managers take notice. Employers, you'll want to review these values as well to really understand your corporate culture as a flight department, and what values you prioritize as a company. YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM At, our staff of industry experts and friends has become a family eager to help continue the journey for our corporate pilot and corporate aviation employer members. We are available by phone and email to answer questions, and we continue to be the corporate pilot advocate. Check out the Pilot Job Board for Corporate Pilots and Contract Pilots and get your pilot job search working for you today. Need additional motivation or have questions? Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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