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Navigating the Skies: Why Retaining Your Membership is Key for Career Growth
BJJ Crew
BJJ Crew

A membership with is the best solution for long-term success - whether you've just landed your ideal job, are interested in contract work, feel rattled by an uncertain future, or are actively seeking employment.

Maintain a Bright Future

  • HIGH DEMAND for pilots continues in private aviation, which means
  • BETTER PAY for full-time & contract pilots
  • TOP EMPLOYERS are joining the site daily
  • WE KNOW PILOTS. Those who understand the job market are better negotiators, earn more, and network more effectively.
  • CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Experts say speaking with employers while gainfully employed is the best way to advance your career.
  • PILOTS IN THE KNOW and on the lookout for new opportunities perform better on the job and are promoted more often.

BE READY when opportunities present themselves, when you see trouble coming, or you find yourself in a difficult situation. Have a list of employers who will be glad to hear from you when the time is right. has the insider perspective you need, and we appreciate having you on our team.

  • Need to get motivated?
  • Not sure which jobs are right for you?
  • Need advice on getting hired as a contract pilot?
  • Going for that Director of Aviation position?

Give us a call! We have personal experience with all of the above and much more. We're here to help and will continue to work hard to find the best job opportunities. For a small annual investment you have us in your corner. Keep that next opportunity in front of you with!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM Central at 402-253-7809.

BJJ Crew
BJJ Crew
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