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Turtles Fly, Too!

BizJetJobs is proud to partner with Turtles Fly Too, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to coordinate and facilitate the use of general aviation to transport endangered species, critical response teams, and to educate the community on conservation of marine life.

NOAA and other organizations call on Turtles Fly Too to provide air transportation when endangered species are threatened, either through a cold stun event, entanglement, or when an endangered animal is injured. These transports are made possible by the donation of time, equipment, and fuel from our “Turtle Fliers,” the dedicated, generous pilots associated with Turtles Fly Too. Using flights instead of ground transport shortens travel time and therefore reduces stress on these turtles and other endangered species. [bjj_volunteer_settings]

Turtles Fly Too offers:

  • Tax incentives for assisting flight departments
  • Potential waived landing fees and fuel savings at FBOs for pilots and owners
  • The opportunity to make your deadhead flights count
  • The chance to do something concrete to save the environment and protect endangered species

BizJetJobs is now offering notification services to pilots and aircraft owners who want to contribute their time and resources to assist Turtles Fly Too in their aviation transport missions. Benefits:

  • Be part of the team. From turtles to seals, to first responder disentanglement teams, Turtles Fly Too provides aviation transport services in times of need.
  • Turtles Fly Too makes the process easy, from pick-up to final drop-off and delivery.
  • Choose just a segment on lengthy flights (different pilots / aircraft) when available
  • Flight itinerary, permitting, special instructions, and coordination of schedules provided based on your availability and transport needs
  • Ground support provided by Turtles Fly Too's experienced team throughout the entire mission.
  • Promote conservation by providing an empty seat on your planned route, for a cause.
  • The special feeling you get when you recognize your contribution has made a difference.

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