Pilot Jobs in Texas

Valero Flight Department – San Antonio, TX
BizJetJobs.com maintains close relationships in Texas with Corporate / Part 91, Charter, Airline, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for pilots and flight attendants.

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Date Posted Position Company Name
09/24/2020 T-44 Instructor Pilot (Texas)(Members Only)
09/22/2020 Corporate Jet Instructor Pilot (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/21/2020 Global 6000 Pilot-in-Command(Members Only)
09/21/2020 Part 135 Pilot - First Officer (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
09/21/2020 Part 135 Pilot - Captain (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
09/20/2020 King Air 90 / 200 Pilot (Lubbock, TX)(Members Only)
09/19/2020 Air Charter Account Manager (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/18/2020 Gulfstream 100 Contract - 09/20-09/21 (Ft. Worth, TX)(Members Only)
09/18/2020 Charter sales & Aircraft & Shared Ownership(Members Only)
09/16/2020 Global 6000 Pilot-in-Command / Dallas, Texas(Members Only)
09/15/2020 Pilatus PC-24 Instructor Pilot (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX)(Members Only)
09/14/2020 F-35 Pilot / Subject Matter Expert(Members Only)
09/14/2020 Falcon 7X Captain (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/12/2020 Gulfstream 650ER DOM / Supervisor (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
09/12/2020 CFI / CFII - Pleasanton, TX (Members Only)
09/12/2020 Flight Attendants (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
09/10/2020 EMS First Officer - Dallas, TX(Members Only)
09/09/2020 Gulfstream 650 Aviation Manager (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
09/09/2020 EC135 Air Ambulance Pilot(Members Only)
09/09/2020 Gulfstream 650ER Captain (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
09/04/2020 Contract Private Jet Flight Attendants (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
09/04/2020 Private Jet Flight Attendant (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
09/04/2020 Gulfstream 150 Second-in-Command (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/04/2020 Falcon 900EX Second-in-Command (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/02/2020 Embraer Legacy 600 (EMB-135/145) First Officer (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
08/31/2020 Air Charter Accounts Manager (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/28/2020 Aviation Program Manager (St. Louis, MO / Austin, TX)(Members Only)
08/28/2020 Citation M2 PIC (Members Only)
08/28/2020 Hawker 800XP First Officer (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
08/25/2020 Contract T-6 Instructor Pilot (Texas)(Members Only)
08/22/2020 T-44C Instructor Pilot (Corpus Christi, TX)(Members Only)
08/22/2020 CFI / CFII (Texas)(Members Only)
08/22/2020 Asst. Chief Pilot (Texas)(Members Only)
08/21/2020 Grob G120tp Contract Pilot(Members Only)
08/20/2020 Gulfstream 550 Instructor Pilot (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/19/2020 Base Chief Pilot(Members Only)
08/19/2020 Flight Attendants (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
08/14/2020 P/T Corporate Jet Flight Attendant Instructor (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/14/2020 P/T Gulfstream 280 Instructor Pilot (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/13/2020 Helicopter Pilot - Texas(Members Only)