Professional Pilot Resume Template

pilot-resume-template-downloadIf you have done your homework and have a warm lead for your next pilot job at a corporate flight department, you already have a point of contact who knows your name and is familiar with your qualifications.

But when submitting a job application online, your pilot resume can be your first impression on a potential employer, or his or her human resources department. So it is more important to make sure that your resume is updated, accurate, visually friendly and scannable. Whether you are going to an aviation job fair, aviation seminar, responding to a post, or going to an interview it is crucial that you put your best foot forward by creating an excellent pilot resume.

Click above to download a free, editable pilot resume template (MS Word format). Below is a checklist you can use right now to make sure your professional pilot resume is in tip-top form.

  • Simple Introduction.  Regardless of the job, recruiters will spend less than 10 seconds initially qualifying your resume. The three things that should appear first, front and center on your resume are:
  1. What are you looking to do, or an “Objective.” Be specific and factual. Potential employers appreciate this.
  2. How many hours do you have? If you don’t meet their minimums, there may be no use in proceeding.
  3. What are your qualifications? Include your Certificates and Ratings.
  • Relevant job experience. If you qualify in all of the above categories, employers will continue to read the following. They should appear next on your resume:
  1. Where have you worked?
  2. What was your title and the equipment you flew?
  3. What kind of flying was it (121, 135, 91, 91K, 141, 61)
  4. Quick and direct job descriptions. Be careful to never equate a good description with a long one. Brief, to-the-point wording always wins.
  • Accuracy in flight times. Regardless of the job you are applying for, there is no bigger “buzz kill” for a potential employer than finding discrepancies between your logbooks and how you have represented yourself on your resume. Your potential employer usually needs you to meet minimums required by his or her insurance company. Never guesstimate. Audit your logbooks and flight times and be accurate. Corporations are looking for detail-oriented pilots. If you don’t take the time to manage the details of your own career, then why should they think you are going to be detailed enough to manage the details of the job?
  • Keep your resume to one page unless you are applying for a management position. For management, two pages of relevant information is sufficient.
  • Do not include multiple addresses or phone numbers.  Keep it simple, choose a number and address where people can easily reach you and use and review your messages there regularly.
  • Include a 10 year job history. The exception to this rule is if you have a job from your past that is directly relevant to the position to which you are applying. In this case, add a category that highlights this experience without overwhelming the rest of the resume.
  • No personal information. No certificate numbers, birthdates, health status, medical certificate issuances, etc.
  • Send to a friend.  Be sure you spell check, that your email address and phone number are correct, and that your resume looks well balanced and professional. The best insurance policy is to have someone you trust read and review your resume for typographical and other errors before you send it out. Better yet, have someone in the aviation industry that you know and trust review your resume.

IMPORTANT NOTE: What we have provided here is guidance for creating a basic pilot resume, along with a very basic template. Other things you may want to include are a nice photo or headshot if you have one, foreign languages you speak, any impressive references your prospective employer can call, relevant volunteer work (air ambulance work, etc.).

Download the Professional Pilot Resume Template.

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