Date Posted Position Company Name
11/02/2020 C-208 PIC (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
10/09/2020 Aviation Station Manager (St. Croix, VI)(Members Only)
07/23/2020 DHC6 First Officers(Members Only)
07/03/2020 Aviation Operation Supervisor (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
03/04/2020 C-208B PIC (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
02/13/2020 C-208 Captain (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
01/27/2020 Dash-8 Captain (Caribbean)(Members Only)
11/20/2019 Director Flight Operations - B737 (Caribbean)(Members Only)
11/16/2019 Flight Attendant Job (Caribbean Islands)(Members Only)
09/21/2019 Pilot Job - Captain (Puerto Rico)(Members Only)
08/20/2019 Flight Attendant (Caribbean)(Members Only)
07/30/2019 Lear 40 Contract Pilot - Kingston, Jamaica (8/5-8/11)(Members Only)
06/22/2019 Aviation General Manager (St. Thomas, VI)(Members Only)
06/11/2019 Executive Manager of In-Flight & Catering(Members Only)
04/08/2019 Citation First Officer (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
02/20/2019 C-208B Captain (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
01/24/2019 Saab 340 First Officers - Live the Caribbean Dream!(Members Only)
01/11/2019 C208B Captain Pilot Job (Members Only)
12/17/2018 Citaiton Captain (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
12/05/2018 Lear 40 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
10/19/2018 EMB-120 Captain (Caribbean)(Members Only)
10/04/2018 Flight Operations Officer (Trinidad)(Members Only)
09/29/2018 Flight Attendant Job (Caribbean)(Members Only)
08/30/2018 C-208B PIC (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
07/26/2018 C208B Captain(Members Only)
07/02/2018 PC-12 Pilots (Sign On & Retention Bonuses)(Members Only)
06/21/2018 CABIN ATTENDANT - JAMAICA(Members Only)
05/29/2018 B737-800/NG First Officers - July 1st start date (Caribbean)(Members Only)
05/16/2018 Regional Chief Pilot (Caribbean)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Flight Attendant Jobs - Caribbean(Members Only)
03/24/2018 C208B Captain (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
03/23/2018 Flight Attendant Job (Puerto Rico / British Virgin Islands)(Members Only)
02/19/2018 C208B PIC (San Juan, PR)(Members Only)
01/08/2018 Pilots (British Virgin Islands)(Members Only)
01/08/2018 Flight Attendant Job (British Virgin Islands)(Members Only)