maintains close relationships with Corporate / Part 91, Charter, Airline, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for international pilots/crew. We are a household name with seasoned, high-time pilots that have the most in-demand type ratings and certificates, and a large percentage of our job postings are for international pilot work.

Employers: If you have a position you need to fill by a qualified aviation professional overseas, don’t hesitate to create an account or reach out to us directly. We can post your job, and often can put you in touch with the right pilot quickly. Anonymity is always an option when you are making staffing changes that you do not wish to make public. Need assistance? Contact us today at (402)253-7809.

Date Posted Position Company Name
09/18/2018 Gulfstream IV First Officer(Members Only)
09/18/2018 Business Aircraft Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
09/18/2018 Charter Sales Manager (Members Only)
09/18/2018 VIP Cabin Attendant (Fluent in Russian)(Members Only)
09/17/2018 VIP Flight Attendant Job(Members Only)
09/17/2018 G-650 EASA First Officer Pilot (Members Only)
09/15/2018 Falcon 7X EASA SIC (Members Only)
09/15/2018 Bombardier Global 5000 (Classic) Captain - Asia Pacific (Members Only)
09/14/2018 Turboprop EASA Pilots (Members Only)
09/13/2018 Phenom 100/300 EASA SIC (Germany)(Members Only)
09/13/2018 Captain, King Air 200 (Members Only)
09/13/2018 Captain, Challenger CL650(Members Only)
09/13/2018 Captain, Learjet 75 (Members Only)
09/12/2018 G-200 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
09/12/2018 Learjet 60 Classic/XR EASA Captain(Members Only)
09/12/2018 Learjet 60 Classic/XR EASA First Officer (Members Only)
09/12/2018 Gulfstream G-650 T/R Captain - Dubai, U.A.E.(Members Only)
09/11/2018 Piaggio 180 Pilot Job(Members Only)
09/11/2018 Chief Pilot (Members Only)
09/11/2018 Flight Attendants - Panama (Members Only)
09/10/2018 VIP Flight Attendant (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
09/10/2018 VIP Flight Attendant (Moscow, Russia)(Members Only)
09/10/2018 Gulfstream G-650 Type Rated Pilot Job(Members Only)
09/10/2018 Challenger 604 Corporate Cabin Attendant (Members Only)
09/10/2018 Cabin Crew - Paris, France (Members Only)
09/10/2018 Cabin Crew - Milan, Italy (Members Only)
09/10/2018 Cabin Crew - London, UK(Members Only)
09/10/2018 King Air 200/350 Instructor Pilot (Australia)(Members Only)
09/08/2018 C208 Captain (Australia)(Members Only)
09/07/2018 Citation II Typed EASA Captain Required (London)(Members Only)
09/07/2018 Flight Attendant - Fluent in French (Members Only)
09/06/2018 Citation Latitude Captain (Switzerland)(Members Only)
09/06/2018 Chief Pilot Job (Montreal, Canada)(Members Only)
09/05/2018 Flight Attendant Recruitment - September 22, 2018 (Paris, France)(Members Only)
09/05/2018 Falcon 900 VIP Flight Attendant (Moscow, Russia)(Members Only)
09/04/2018 G650 Co-Pilot, Fluent in German (Austria)(Members Only)
09/04/2018 VIP Executive Cabin Crew (Members Only)
09/04/2018 Legacy 600 Captain (Members Only)
09/03/2018 Gulfstream G-650 / G-500 First Officers (Members Only)
09/01/2018 Citation X TRI Captain (Thailand)(Members Only)