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Date Posted Position Company Name
12/10/2018 P/T Bell 407 Pilot(Members Only)
12/07/2018 Director of Flight Ops - Rotary (Canada)(Members Only)
12/06/2018 Helicopter Chief Pilot - Hawaii(Members Only)
11/27/2018 Helicopter Pilot in Caribbean (Salary + Housing + Car)(Members Only)
11/27/2018 B412 Helicopter Pilot Job (UAE)(Members Only)
11/22/2018 Line Pilot (Great Britain)(Members Only)
11/16/2018 EC-145 / EC-135 EMS Pilot - North Carolina(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Helicopter Chief Pilot - Maui, Hawaii(Members Only)
11/09/2018 S92 Contract Pilot (Members Only)
11/09/2018 EC-135 Instructor Pilot (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
11/08/2018 S-76 Pilot (Trenton, NJ)(Members Only)
11/07/2018 AW169 Captain (Members Only)
11/07/2018 Helicopter Pilot(Members Only)
11/02/2018 S-76 Lead Captain Pilot Job (Trento, NJ)(Members Only)
10/25/2018 S-76D Manager (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
10/24/2018 EC145 Helicopter Pilot (Members Only)
10/24/2018 EASA AW139 Helicopter Co-pilot – Europe(Members Only)
10/11/2018 PC12 Fixed Wing & Rotary Pilot (Canada)(Members Only)
10/11/2018 EASA Corporate Helicopter Pilot - U.K. (Members Only)
10/10/2018 Sikorsky S-76C+ Contract Pilots(Members Only)
10/10/2018 AW139 Helicopter Pilot - England (Members Only)
10/10/2018 S92 Helicopter Pilot - Scotland (Members Only)
10/07/2018 Contract AW189 Simulator Test Pilot (Florida)(Members Only)
10/06/2018 Helicopter Pilot Job(Members Only)
10/04/2018 Sikorsky S-76D Captain (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
09/25/2018 AW-139 Captain Pilot Job (Northeast Region)(Members Only)
09/10/2018 Regional Aviation Manager (Southeast)(Members Only)
09/10/2018 Per Diem A119 Pilot (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
09/08/2018 VIP EC145 Helicopter Pilot (Members Only)
09/02/2018 MD600 n/902 Helicopter Contract Pilot (3-4 mo. contract)(Members Only)
08/28/2018 MD600n MD902 PILOT - SIX MONTH CONTRACTPrivate Operations
08/23/2018 Bell 407 Pilot (Jacksonville, FL)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 AW-139 Captain - Part 91(Members Only)
08/13/2018 AW-139 Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
08/10/2018 Bell 407 Pilot(Members Only)
08/07/2018 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
07/30/2018 Flight Operations Manager Job (Brazil)(Members Only)
07/27/2018 EC-135 Pilot (Chicago, IL)(Members Only)
07/24/2018 Helicopter Captain/Pilot Instructor - United Kingdom (Members Only)
07/11/2018 Citation Latitude/Bell Long Ranger 206L4 Pilot(Members Only)