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Date Posted Position Company Name
04/16/2018 AW139 Helicopter Pilot - Australia (Members Only)
03/27/2018 Head of Flight Crew Training(Members Only)
03/24/2018 Chief Helicopter Flying Instructor (U.K.)(Members Only)
03/15/2018 Contract S-76C+ PICs(Members Only)
02/23/2018 AW-139 Corporate Pilot Job (Windsor Locks, CT)MassMutual
02/19/2018 Citation V / Piaggio P-180 Pilot(Members Only)
02/16/2018 AW-139 Corporate Pilot Job (Connecticut)(Members Only)
02/16/2018 AS350 VFR Pilot (Michigan)(Members Only)
02/16/2018 AS350 Pilot(Members Only)
02/16/2018 Dual Rated Corporate Pilot (West Palm Beach, FL)(Members Only)
02/13/2018 Director of Operations / Chief Pilot - Rotary Wing (England)(Members Only)
02/10/2018 AW-139 Corporate Pilot Job (Connecticut)(Members Only)
01/28/2018 AW-139 Captains - 3 wk. Contract)(Members Only)
01/12/2018 S-76 Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
01/11/2018 Gulfstream 550 Pilot(Members Only)
01/09/2018 Bell 407 Pilot(Members Only)
01/08/2018 EMS EC-135 Pilot - Signing Bonus!(Members Only)
01/05/2018 Pilot - Captain(Members Only)
01/03/2018 S-76D Corporate Pilot (Morristown, NJ)Prudential
12/28/2017 Sikorsky S-76D Corporate Pilot - Captain(Members Only)
12/19/2017 Bell 212 Pilot (Anchorage, AK)(Members Only)
11/28/2017 Sikorsky S-76C+/C++ Instructor Pilot (West Palm Beach, FL)(Members Only)
11/09/2017 S-76C+ Corporate Pilot (White Plains, NY)(Members Only)
11/04/2017 S-76 / AW-139 Director of Operations (California)(Members Only)
11/04/2017 S-76 / AW-139 Chief Pilot (California)(Members Only)
11/04/2017 EC-135 Helicopter Instructor Pilot (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
11/03/2017 Contract AW139 Simulator Test Pilot(Members Only)
10/31/2017 EASA Helicopter Pilot B206(Members Only)
10/27/2017 AW-109 Pilot (South Pacific)Privately Funded Company
10/24/2017 Helicopter Demonstration Pilot(Members Only)
10/23/2017 Helicopter Pilot - EC130B4 Captain (Dubai, U.A.E.)(Members Only)
10/21/2017 AW139 / S76 Helicopter Captains for Offshore Ops(Members Only)
10/21/2017 Chief Pilot Job - AW139 / S76 - Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico(Members Only)
10/05/2017 S-76 Pilot (New York)(Members Only)
10/03/2017 S-76 Training Captain(Members Only)
09/26/2017 Dual Rated Corporate Pilot (Charlotte, NC)(Members Only)
09/16/2017 Bell 427 / King Air 250 / RA390 Premier Corporate Pilot Job (NYC)(Members Only)
09/15/2017 Bell 407 / AS350 Ski Pilots(Members Only)
09/10/2017 Dual Rated Pilot King Air 250 /AS350(Members Only)
09/08/2017 Corporate Helicopter Pilot (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)