Full time corporate, contract and international Hawker Pilot jobs.

We maintain excellent relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Hawker pilots and crew.

Start your search here for your next pilot job, including Hawker Captain, PIC, SIC, CFI, or Flight Attendant. Our clients are looking for candidates with professional expertise, leadership ability, current flight certifications and a passion for flying.

We feature job opportunities for Hawker pilots both in the U.S. and International. Our pilot job opportunities have the best compensation and benefits commensurate with our candidates’ abilities and experience.

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Date Posted Position Company Name
12/11/2017 Captain – Mid-Size Jet (HS125, LR75, LR60, G200) – St. Louis, MO(Members Only)
12/11/2017 First Officer – Mid-Size Jet (HS125, LR75, LR60, G200) – St. Louis, MO(Members Only)
12/11/2017 HS-125/800XP SIC Pilot Job(Members Only)
12/11/2017 HS-125/800XP PIC Pilot Job(Members Only)
12/11/2017 Hawker 800XP Captain(Members Only)
12/11/2017 Hawker 800XP First Officer(Members Only)
12/11/2017 HAWKER 800 PILOT Needed in LOS ANGELES (Members Only)
12/09/2017 Hawker 800 Pilots(Members Only)
12/08/2017 Hawker 800 Pilot / Co-pilot Needed(Members Only)
12/08/2017 Copilots - Citation II / Citation Bravo / Falcon 900B / Hawker 800XP(Members Only)
12/08/2017 Hawker 900XP / Gulfstream 200 Pilots(Members Only)
12/08/2017 RA-390 Pilot - Captain(Members Only)
12/07/2017 Coroprate DOM (Colorado)(Members Only)
12/07/2017 Corporate HS-125/900XP First Officer (Colorado)(Members Only)
12/05/2017 Hawker 800XP Contract Pilot (12/6-12/7)(Members Only)
12/04/2017 Hawker 800 First Officer(Members Only)
12/02/2017 Hawker 800XP Contract Pilot - Dec. 6-7 (White Plains, NY)(Members Only)
12/01/2017 Hawker 800XP/900XP Corporate Pilot (Members Only)
12/01/2017 Hawker 800XP/900XP Captain (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
12/01/2017 Hawker 800XP Contract Pilot - PIC(Members Only)
11/29/2017 HS-125/800XP Captain (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
11/28/2017 RA390 Pilot(Members Only)
11/28/2017 Hawker 800 Pilots (Florida)(Members Only)
11/27/2017 SIC - Hawker 800XP // Washington DC(Members Only)
11/25/2017 Hawker 800/850 Contract PIC(Members Only)
11/24/2017 Hawker 800XP Captains(Members Only)
11/24/2017 Hawker 800XP/900XP Captains(Members Only)
11/24/2017 Hawker 4000 Captains(Members Only)
11/24/2017 HS-125/800XP Captain (Members Only)
11/24/2017 HS-125/800XP First Officer(Members Only)
11/22/2017 Hawker 800XP SIC(Members Only)
11/22/2017 Hawker 800XP PIC(Members Only)
11/18/2017 Hawker 800XP / RA-390 First Officer(Members Only)
11/18/2017 Hawker 800XP Captain (Members Only)
11/17/2017 Hawker 800XP Captain (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
11/16/2017 First Officer – Mid-Size Jet (HS125, LR75, LR60, G200)(Members Only)
11/16/2017 Captain – Mid-Size Jet (HS125, LR75, LR60, G200) (Members Only)
11/16/2017 Aviation Manager (Continuing Airworthiness) - U.K.(Members Only)
11/16/2017 Corporate Pilot Job(Members Only)
11/13/2017 HS-125/800/900XP Captain(Members Only)