maintains strong relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Chief Pilots and other crew members.

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Date Posted Position Company Name
11/19/2018 Pilot Recruitment - Thanksgiving Social!(Members Only)
11/19/2018 Challenger 300 First Officer(Members Only)
11/19/2018 Learjet 40 First Officer(Members Only)
11/19/2018 Challenger 300 / Citation X First Officers(Members Only)
11/18/2018 Challenger 350 Co-Captain / Part 91(Members Only)
11/18/2018 Citation X+ Contract Pilots(Members Only)
11/17/2018 Gulfstream IVSP First Officer(Members Only)
11/17/2018 G200 SIC (Wisconsin)(Members Only)
11/17/2018 Corporate Pilot Job (Denver, CO)(Members Only)
11/17/2018 HS-125/800XP SIC - Ft. Worth, TX(Members Only)
11/17/2018 EASA Gulfstream 650 First Officer(Members Only)
11/17/2018 Global 6000 First Officer (Month on/off) / Crew Homebase worldwide(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Global 5000 First Officer (West Palm Beach, FL)(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Gulfstream IV First Officer(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Falcon 900B First Officer(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Falcon 900B First Officer Pilot Job(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Falcon 2000 SIC Pilot Job(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Falcon 2000 SIC Pilot Job(Members Only)
11/16/2018 Hawker 900XP First OfficerConfidential
11/15/2018 B767 First Officers(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Embraer Legacy 500 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Lear 35 Contract PIC/SIC(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Gulfstream IV First Officer(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Challenger 300 SIC - Dallas, TX(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Falcon 2000EX EASy First Officer (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
11/15/2018 Citation X Contract Pilots(Members Only)
11/14/2018 C-208B & CE-680 Pilot (Bad Axe, MI)(Members Only)
11/14/2018 Citation 680+ Copilot(Members Only)
11/14/2018 Falcon 2000EX SIC (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
11/14/2018 Boeing 737 First Officers(Members Only)
11/14/2018 ATR-42 First Officer (Missoula, MT)(Members Only)
11/13/2018 Challenger 300 First Officer / SICWings Management Co., LLC
11/13/2018 CE525 Pilots - Fluent in German(Members Only)
11/13/2018 Phenom 100/300 Pilots - Fluent in German(Members Only)
11/13/2018 BE400XP Pilot(Members Only)
11/13/2018 Corporate Pilot - First Officer(Members Only)
11/13/2018 Falcon 2000 First Officer (Long Island, NY)(Members Only)
11/13/2018 P/T Second-in-Command(Members Only)
11/13/2018 LR31/35 Second-in-Command (Georgia)(Members Only)
11/12/2018 Challenger 604 First Officer (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)

Who is

We were founded over 15 years ago by Rick Koubsky, a corporate pilot based in Omaha, NE. Known by his friends as having great aviation contacts, Rick was regularly asked who he might know at different corporate flight departments. In 1997 as a Flight Department Directory, he launched the website with the intention of helping corporate pilots find pilot jobs and advance their careers - and that same week had close to a dozen members, mostly friends. Shortly after, corporate employers began reaching out to get pilot jobs filled and the job board was formed. Today, is known around the globe for its seasoned, discerning pilots who want the best when it comes to their career choices, and for being the corporate pilot advocate. Members rely on us to support career advancement, help them find their ideal pilot job, pick up contract work or even gain insight into the job market. Employers rely on us to post pilot jobs, search our public directories to find and hire full-time and part-time pilots, contract pilots and for help finding their ideal crew members.

At, our staff of industry experts and friends has become a family eager to help continue the journey. We are available by phone and email to answer questions, and we continue to be the corporate pilot advocate.

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