specializes in Corporate / Part 91 pilot jobs garnered from excellent relationships with flight departments who contact us regarding their private pilot job openings. These relationships have been built over the past 12 years and consist of full-time, contract and international job openings in business aviation. Many of our corporate positions offer the best compensation, top benefits and most flexible schedules available.

We are here to help. We speak regularly with and give guidance to seasoned full-time and contract corporate pilots, those retiring from the military and airlines, as well as low time pilots looking for their first private flying job. We can answer questions regarding a specific company or position, offer career guidance, advice on resumes and interviewing, suggest companies based on your background & experience, and more. We are available by phone and email from 9-5 (EST) Monday-Friday. During off hours we can still be reached via email and can expect a response within 24 hours. Keep in mind: Our team speaks with employers and pilots on a daily basis and have found pilots that utilize this resource are often more successful finding a corporate job.

In addition. We offer our Flight Department Directory and our regularly searched Contract Pilot Listings, and Full-Time Pilot Listing which generate many direct contacts from employers to members.

Search the corporate pilot job openings below, then consider one of our membership options to help manage your Part 91 career.

Date Posted Position Company Name
04/21/2018 Gulfstream 650 Corporate Flight Attendant(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Hawker 800XP / Challenger 300 Corporate Pilot Job - Captain(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Corporate Pilot - Captain(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Gulfstream 550 Corporate Pilot Job - First Officer (Atlanta, GA)The Coca-Cola Company
04/21/2018 Learjet Captains & First Officer (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Gulfstream IVSP First Officer(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Gulfstream V Captain - Part 91 Flight Operations(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Citation CE560XL PIC (No Assigned Base)(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Falcon 900EX EASy Lead Captain (Members Only)
04/21/2018 Falcon 900EX EASy Captain (Members Only)
04/21/2018 Hawker 900XP First Officer(Members Only)
04/21/2018 Corporate Pilot Job(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Pilatus PC-12 Captain(Members Only)
04/20/2018 CE-525 Corporate Pilot Job - First Officer (1,000 hrs TT)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Citation 680/560 Captain (Chicago, IL)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Citation XLS Captains(Members Only)
04/20/2018 G-550 Freelance First Officer (Members Only)
04/20/2018 G-IVSP Corporate Flight Attendant (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 G-IVSP First Officer - Part 91 (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 G-IVSP Lead Captain - Part 91 (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Gulfstream IVSP Captain - Part 91 (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Citation X Type Rated Captain (Southern California)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Global 5000 Flight Attendant (New York, NY)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Global 5000 Aviation Manager (New York, NY)(Members Only)
04/20/2018 Lear 45XR Captains(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Pt 91 Challenger 604 Chief Pilot and Captain (Florida)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Contract Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Corporate Contract Flight Attendant(Members Only)
04/19/2018 EASA Falcon 900DX First Officer (UK)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 EASA Challenger 605 First Officer (Madrid, Spain)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Global 5000 Captain (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Contract S-76C+ PIC / SIC (Poughkeepsie, NY)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Contract S-76+ PIC/SIC (Trenton, NJ)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Contract S-76C+ PIC/SIC (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Contract S-76C+ PIC / SIC (Providence, RI)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Falcon 50/2000EX Corporate Pilot Job (Florida)(Members Only)
04/18/2018 Citation 560 Captain(Members Only)
04/18/2018 G200 Pilot (Denver, CO)(Members Only)
04/18/2018 PIC / Citation Bravo(Members Only)
04/18/2018 Production Test Pilot(Members Only)