We maintain excellent relationships with Corporate / Part 91, Fractional, Charter and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Contract pilots. Our contract pilot job opportunities feature the best compensation and benefits, and can often lead to full-time or regular contract pilot opportunities.

Keep in mind: Many of our long-term members are successful contract pilots and speak to us regularly regarding contract job opportunities. If you’re looking to expand your client list or pick up contract pilot jobs for some additional income, we are here to help: (402)253-7809.

Below you will find some of the contract pilot jobs listed below – more are visible once you join. Also, many contract pilot jobs are never posted, employers simply reach out directly via our Website, so be sure to fill it out your profile completely.

Date Posted Position Company Name
02/22/2018 Lear 60 Classic Pilots (Eastern Pennsylvania)(Members Only)
02/21/2018 Contract Lear 45 SIC (Scottsdale, AZ - Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
02/20/2018 Houston Based EMB-145 Pilot(Members Only)
02/20/2018 BE-58TC Pilot(Members Only)
02/20/2018 Challenger 300 Contract Pilot - Part 91 (Members Only)
02/20/2018 Corporate On Call Pilot(Members Only)
02/19/2018 Learjet 45 Contract Pilots - Bedford, MA (2/20-2/22)(Members Only)
02/19/2018 Lear 31A Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/17/2018 Falcon 900LX Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/17/2018 Contract Production Test Pilot(Members Only)
02/17/2018 Hawker 800XP SIC - Contract(Members Only)
02/15/2018 Lear 35 Contract Captain - Part 91 (Anchorage, AK)(Members Only)
02/15/2018 HS-125/800XP Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/15/2018 Citation CE550 Bravo Captain (1 yr. contract)(Members Only)
02/14/2018 Learjet 75 Contract Pilot - SIC (Miami, FL)(Members Only)
02/14/2018 Hawker 800XP Contract Pilot - Part 91 (Kansas City, MO - Dallas, TX)Confidential
02/14/2018 Challenger 300 Contract Captain(Members Only)
02/13/2018 Challenger 605 Contract Pilot - Asia (Feb. 17-20)(Members Only)
02/13/2018 Citation CJ3 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/12/2018 RA390 Premier Pilot(Members Only)
02/12/2018 LR60 Contract pilots(Members Only)
02/11/2018 Contract Falcon 2000 PIC / SIC (PVD-JAC)(Members Only)
02/10/2018 Falcon 2000 Contract Pilot - Part 91 (Charleston, SC)(Members Only)
02/07/2018 Pilot (Members Only)
02/06/2018 Citation Bravo Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/05/2018 Westwind 1124 SIC(Members Only)
02/05/2018 CL601 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/04/2018 B737 Captains, First Officers (Ferry and Delivery)(Members Only)
02/04/2018 DHC8-Q400 Ferry & Delivery Captains - Worldwide(Members Only)
02/03/2018 Hawker 700A Contract Pilot(Members Only)
02/02/2018 Citation Ultra Contract Pilot (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
02/02/2018 P/T Per Diem Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
02/01/2018 Learjet 75 Contract Pilot (2/4-2/5)(Members Only)
02/01/2018 CJ1 Contract Pilot (Portland, ME)(Members Only)
01/30/2018 Contract PIC King Air 90 (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
01/29/2018 Global Express XRS Contract Pilots(Members Only)
01/28/2018 AW-139 Captains - 3 wk. Contract)(Members Only)
01/27/2018 Lear 75 Contract Pilot (1/29-1/31)(Members Only)
01/26/2018 Gulfstream 200 Contract Pilots(Members Only)
01/24/2018 HS-125 Contract Pilots(Members Only)