Date Posted Position Company Name
01/26/2021 PC-12 Pilot - Commutable Job(Members Only)
01/23/2021 Phenom 300 G3000 contract Pilot (1/25 – 1/28)(Members Only)
01/23/2021 C-208 PIC - 2 wks on / 2 wks off (Alaska)(Members Only)
01/23/2021 Gulfstream 450 First Officer (Home Based)(Members Only)
01/22/2021 Aircraft Sales Director (Live Anywhere - U.S.)(Members Only)
01/22/2021 Boeing 737 First Officers(Members Only)
01/22/2021 C-208 PIC (Maine)Wiggins Airways
01/22/2021 Test Pilot / Flight Test Safety & Technical Advisor (Texas / Korea)(Members Only)
01/22/2021 Citation CJ4 PIC - Part 91 (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
01/22/2021 Citation CE-680 Sovereign PIC - Part 91 (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
01/21/2021 Flight Attendants - Chicago, IL(Members Only)
01/20/2021 BD700 Global XRS Corporate Flight Attendant(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Citation(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Boeing BBJ(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Dassault Falcon Jet(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Embraer Lineage / Legacy(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Learjet(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Hawker Aircraft(Members Only)
01/20/2021 Business Jet Talent Pool - Bombardier Global Express(Members Only)
01/18/2021 GIV Pilot-In-Command (Home Based)(Members Only)
01/17/2021 Chief Pilot CE-750 -Part 91 (Boise, ID)(Members Only)
01/15/2021 CE- 525 Captains(Members Only)
01/12/2021 CRJ-200 First Officer (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)Contour Aviation
01/10/2021 Global Express Classic Contract Pilots - February (China)(Members Only)
01/09/2021 Boeing 737-400 First Officers - 13 on / 10 off(Members Only)
01/09/2021 Gulfstream 450 Type Rated First Officer (Home Based)(Members Only)
01/09/2021 Aerial Survey Line Pilot (Remote Based) - 500TT(Members Only)
01/08/2021 First Officers(Members Only)
01/08/2021 Chief UAS Pilot(Members Only)
01/07/2021 Hawker 900XP Contract Pilot - Grand Junction (1/8)(Members Only)
01/06/2021 Eurocopter EC145 & EC135 Relief Pilot (Home Based)(Members Only)
01/04/2021 B757 / B767 First Officers(Members Only)
01/01/2021 Citation Bravo First Officer - Home Based Position!(Members Only)
12/31/2020 Challenger 604 PIC (Home Based)(Members Only)
12/31/2020 Phenom 300 Captain (Northeast U.S.)(Members Only)
12/30/2020 Challenger 604 First Officer (Live Anywhere in the U.S.)(Members Only)
12/28/2020 Global 6000 Pilot-in-Command(Members Only)
12/26/2020 Citation CE-550 Contract Pilots(Members Only)
12/26/2020 Hawker 800XP (honeywell) Contract Pilots(Members Only)
12/24/2020 Falcon 900EX First Officer(Members Only)

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  • CARLOS SALA IGUALValencia, (ES)HAWKER 850XP, DA-900, G100, G200"I guess reach to more international offers will be helpful for people looking for jobs out of USA. " Posted:09/01/20
  • Liam KellaherEast Stroudsburg, PA (US)GIVSP, GV, G550, GLOBAL XRS, GLOBAL 6000"i think you do a good job in presenting what is available in a timely fashion" Posted:08/24/20
  • marcelo nietomastic, NY (US)"This Company is top Notch, lots of job opportunities, world wide choices" Posted:08/18/20
  • JOHN KRYSTYNIAK15610, PA (US)CE560, CE560 XL"Thanks for trying to help us find meaningful work during this cv-19 season. John Krystyniak" Posted:08/14/20
  • Ludwig MonterrosoMiami, FL (US)A-320, B-737"You are doing good!!" Posted:08/11/20
  • Leonard SmithNewark, DE (US)AW-139, G200, CRJ200, G280"Current Bizjet opportunities" Posted:08/09/20
  • John McGheeDecatur, IL (US)EMB 170, LINEAGE 1000, CE501, DA-20, EMB 175, B-777"I receive helpful email job alerts. " Posted:08/08/20
  • James StonekingLawrenceburg, IN (US)G550, G450, GV"All seems to be what is needed!" Posted:08/05/20
  • Randy LynchPhoenix, AZ. Peoria, AZ (US)IAI-1125 SPX, LEAR 35/35A/36"Efficient and convenient service." Posted:08/03/20
  • Peter GortonTucson, AZ (US)CHALLENGER 605, CHALLENGER 604, LEAR 35/35A/36, CHALLENGER 650"I would like to see search by state."Reply: Hi Peter, Scroll down below the listings on the job board and you can filter by Position, Region and State. Greg Posted:07/31/20
  • Lachlan IrvingMelbourne, (AU)BD700 / BD700 XRS, GV, GIV, A-330"Excellent service with lots of jobs advertised in an easy to search for context. Recommended this service highly to others." Posted:07/27/20
  • Thomas CarrAlexandria, KY (US)"The site is just perfect." Posted:07/23/20
  • Jonathan Osei-YawTeaneck, NJ (US)EMB 135/140/145, CRJ700, CE550, SR22"Guys are doing a great job and thank you for bring this information together." Posted:07/22/20
  • Dean EscueHolland Township, NJ (US)B-737, B-757, B-767, BE99, B-747, B-727, B-777, BE400XP, CE560 Ultra, LEAR 40/45/45XR"Add a "single pilot' category for selection of inquiries and also one for "light twins'" "Reply: Hi Dean, Single Pilot and Light Twins are now available as part of the job search function. You will find them under the Position Type drop down. Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Greg Posted:04/11/20
  • Laurie McConnaughey (US)"The system makes it so easy to apply with transferring stored profile information." Posted:04/07/20
  • Bradford ParkerBonita Springs, FL (US)B-737, LEAR 70/75, LEAR 31A"Like that you separate the jobs by category." Posted:04/03/20
  • Travis BrittainMinneapolis, MN (US)BE300/350, CE750, CE560 XL"There are a couple of job postings that are no longer available. You do not find this out until you spend a lot of time filling out the application online. An faster update rate on job availability would help." Posted:03/31/20
  • Lloyd M. SharpEagle Point, OR (US)"You are doing a great job, keep up the good work" Posted:03/26/20
  • Jeff DaumOcala, FL (US)B-737, GIII, B-727, LEAR 35/35A/36, DA-20"So far I find it very professional, easy to use. " Posted:03/25/20
  • David TrickeyRichmond, VA (US)G550, CHALLENGER 604, G450, GIV, CHALLENGER 601, DO-328, LEAR 35/35A/36, LEAR 31A, LEAR 24/25, LEAR 55"Add contract to a specific type aircraft " Posted:03/19/20
  • Richard RothPeachtree City, GA (US)B-737, F-4, F-16, LEAR 70/75, Lear 60/60XR, LEAR 40/45/45XR"Very good. A lot of jobs to view. Sometimes the locations are not available on the main page. I would suggest the locations and the info such as part 91/135 be included on the main page. Also it would be nice to be able to contact the employer for more info before actually applying. Customer service is excellent. Very responsive to members." Posted:03/17/20
  • Jay HandCincinnati, OH (us)CE560XL, HA-420"Thanks for the emails on these positions!" Posted:03/12/20
  • Alpesh ChaudhariDelran, NJ (US)Lear 60/60XR, B-777, EMB135/145, GIV"Thank you for providing good job info!" Posted:03/12/20
  • Adam WebsterPortsmouth, NH (US)BE200, PC-12, PHENOM 300"You de bes' Tabernac esti.. you de bes." Posted:03/11/20
  • Nia MooreLos Angeles, CA (US)"good! I love this website and use it frequently" Posted:03/11/20
  • James CourantTega Cay, SC (us)B-737, A-320, B-747, B-767, B-757, FK-28, LEAR 24/25, A-330, B-727" is an excellent site with unbelievable customer service!" Posted:03/11/20
  • William BowlbySan Diego, CA (US)A-320"You guys do a great job in providing open pilot positions. I would not change anything. " Posted:03/11/20
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  • Dirk van OnselderFt. Lauderdale, FL (US)CHALLENGER 604, CHALLENGER 300, LEAR 24/25, LEAR 55, LEAR 35/35A/36, CHALLENGER 350, CE500, CE525"Copy me on an outgoing application. I never know if the employer received my application or Resume and Cover letter."Reply: Dirk, You should already be receiving a copy. If not, you are likely also missing job alerts & employer contacts. Please check your SPAM folder. We will call you today. BJJ Team Posted:12/19/19
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  • Michael PerrySaugerties, NY (us)"I would like to see more maintenance positions advertised."Reply: Hey Michael, Unfortunately we don't list maintenance jobs, Those positions you're seeing are for related management positions only. We do appreciate your feedback. Best, Rick Posted:12/08/19
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  • Randolph BarkerHenderson, NV (US)B-707, BE400A, G280, G150, B-757, G200, B-767" BizJet jobs website is fantastic! I've been a customer in the past and it's definitely worth the membership fee. " Posted:11/09/19
  • Michael PetridisDallas, TX (US)G200, IAI-1126 Galaxy, CE550, G100, IAI-1125 SPX, DA-20, G650, F/A 18 Hornet, B-727, T-38"Awesome!. Super job!" Posted:11/03/19
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  • Dylan CabuaAltamonte Springs, FL (US)"I like the constant update for new jobs and the easiness to navigate through the website. I would appreciate a way to see which employer has visited our profile. " Posted:09/19/19
  • Tony OlivieriChicago, IL (US)EMB 175, HAWKER 800XP, DA-900EX"Variety of new jobs with reputable companies shows that exceptional employers recognize BizJobs as the premier site for serious professionals." Posted:09/18/19
  • Pedro BennasarLakeworth, FL (us)LEAR 55, DA-2000, Lear 60/60XR"Keep up the good work." Posted:09/15/19
  • Alejandro Peris Gomez (ES)G550, FK-100, B-747"Very well and helpful" Posted:09/14/19
  • Stephan FaivreHouston, TX (US)G450, G550"Very good sources of jobs , applied many times though without ever a response ." Posted:09/14/19
  • Roland FullerWayne, NJ (us)G550, DA-50, GV, G350, G450"Good positions posted and application ease most of the time ! Thanks" Posted:09/13/19
  • Robert BergenOakland, NJ (us)EMB135/145, CHALLENGER 601, G200"You do a very good job!" Posted:09/11/19
  • Dean MaertensMundelein, IL (us)DA7X, DA-900-EASy-II, DA-900"All good with the site" Posted:09/11/19
  • Scott OlingerWichita, KS (US)Lear 60/60XR, LEAR 40/45/45XR, BE300/350" is the best resource for current jobs." Posted:09/03/19
  • Daryl L. Seibel, Ph.D.AR (US)CE550, DA-2000LXS, DA-900 EASy, DA-50EX, DA-2000LX, DA-10, DA7X, HAWKER 800XP, DA-900EX, LEAR 35/35A/36, GIII, DA-20, CE650, IAI-1124"Response to first question - opportunities. Response to second question - job offer. You are doing great. Thank you." Posted:08/28/19
  • Steven GoldenPeachtree City, GA (us)G550"I like everything you have to offer" Posted:08/26/19
  • Greg SmithDallas, TX (US)B-767, B-757, B-787, DC-10"Current and up to date information." Posted:08/25/19
  • William ErmolovichEncinitas, CA (US)B-767, B-757, B767 VVIP, B-737, B-737 BBJ, DHC-2, PHENOM 300"Great fantastic web site." Posted:08/22/19
  • William SchillingerNew York, NY (US)DA-900 EASy, DA-900LX, DA-900-EASy-II, DA-2000LXS, DA-2000S, DA-2000LX, DA-2000-EASy-II, DA-2000 EASy" You are doing great - no complaints." Posted:08/19/19
  • Ronald RomagueraMiami-Dade, FL (US)IAI-1125 SPX, G200, GIVSP, HAWKER 800XP"Great for pilots. The process is easy" Posted:08/17/19
  • Anthony WhiteMiami / Tampa, FL (US)PC-12, L-100, GV, T-37, BE400"So far pretty good. I’ve had one organization show interest. Hoping to get interest from more." Posted:08/15/19
  • David BrownSaint Lucie West, FL (us)CHALLENGER 350, DA-2000 EASy"This is a very good tool. " Posted:08/13/19
  • Jeffrey NeubertFL (us)"Pretty awesome from both Job and pilot seeking perspective. Thanks!" Posted:08/12/19
  • RAMSES BAEZFORT LAUDERDALE, FL (US)CHALLENGER 604"Great service. Keep going. " Posted:08/05/19
  • Lou RavarisLeesburg, VA (US)G550, GIVSP, DA7X, CHALLENGER 604"The job board is updated daily. " Posted:08/03/19
  • Ken HoltTX (US)HAWKER 800XP, CHALLENGER 601, CHALLENGER 605, CHALLENGER 604, BE400XP, HAWKER 1000, CHALLENGER 600, CHALLENGER 650, CE525S, BD700 / BD700 XRS"Great website for professional pilots!!.. So many resources available.. " Posted:08/03/19
  • Jeff IrvineIndio, CA (us)CE550 Bravo, CE680, CE560XL, CE560, CE560 Encore"Great content and its all easily searchable." Posted:08/02/19
  • Nelson ReynoldsHolliday, TX (us)"I think this is an outstanding website!" Posted:08/02/19
  • William OdellHilton Head, SC (US)GIV, G300, G400, GIVSP, CE550, G280"I use this for contract pilot jobs, but always search the full time jobs just to know what industry rates look like." Posted:07/30/19
  • Richard ReinkeMontgomery, TX (us)"great sight, real job openings" Posted:07/28/19
  • Stephen MclindenSan Ramon, CA (US)G200, CE550, CJ3+, DA-2000"Everything bueno. 5 stars" Posted:07/26/19
  • Gaynor AndersonNorth West Province, (ZA)"Constant Flight Attendant Positions - Worldwide." Posted:07/21/19
  • DAVID SAVAPORT ORANGE, FL (US)DC-8, DC-10, B-737, G200, CE560 XL"I would like to see the application process be entirely seamless. Usually, once you click "Apply Online" it takes you to the employer's website and you have to set up an account with them and enter all your info from scratch. It's very time consuming. One Click job applications is what I really want with my subscription with Bizjetjobs."Reply: Hey David, Thanks for the feedback. Employers have the choice between receiving applications via BizJetJobs or redirecting pilots to their company ATS (application tracking system). We encourage the former but many HR departments use their ATS company-wide for hiring. Perhaps we can develop a process where employers redirect qualified pilots to their ATS only after they've reviewed and approved them. *Employers that redirect pilots to their ATS do get fewer applicants. Regards, Greg Posted:07/18/19
  • Philip ShryackSingapore, (SG)BD700 / BD700 XRS, GIVSP, B-737 BBJ"I think your doing a great job ,no changes " Posted:07/16/19
  • David PerramLisbon, (PT)DA7X, DA8X"Hi, Could you make submitting the stored CV optional? I update my CV frequently, but I can't update every website I use. That means auto-loading a CV isn't actually a useful feature as the old one on file gets sent along with the new one that I attach and that just causes confusion - I think anyway. Best wishes, David Perram"Reply: Hi David, Thank you for the feedback. When you apply you can choose a resume different from the one on file or add additional files, such as a cover letter or requested document. It looks like you were using the add additional files option, instead of choosing a different resume. You can test it again using this test pilot job: Regards, Greg Posted:07/16/19
  • James Bartikoskiusa, MN (us)B-727, CHALLENGER 605, CRJ200"Jobs are very current" Posted:07/12/19
  • Robert BarrigaAgawam, MA (us)DA-900EX, DA-900, GLOBAL 5000, GLOBAL XRS, GLOBAL 6000"I really enjoy the ability to search by specific manufacturer, it cuts down on search time." Posted:07/11/19
  • Denise RuggieroNew York, NY (US)"I love when I can Instanty apply." Posted:07/09/19
  • Michael HayesIthaca, NY (US)King Air 250, BE90"Honest source of job information, my favorite over the years!" Posted:07/08/19
  • Jeffrey PerryScottsdale, AZ (US)CRJ900, BE400A, CHALLENGER 350, C-208"Easy process to submit to jobs, which I appreciate greatly." Posted:07/08/19
  • Rony NaufalDanbury, CT (us)G550, GV, G450"Great Site, keep the excellent work" Posted:07/08/19
  • Bradley OdomOrlando, FL (US)A-320, B-737, CHALLENGER 601, BE300/350, HAWKER 800XP, CE525S, G550, IAI-1124A"Very Happy with your website. thanks" Posted:07/08/19
  • Brian FarleyCarlsbad, CA (US)IA-1125, DA-50EX"I really like all the up to date postings. " Posted:07/05/19
  • Fred CanavanPawling, NY (US)EMB 135/140/145, PC-12, CE750"Need location of jobs in job title list." Posted:07/03/19
  • PAUL J LIGHT (HK)G200, CHALLENGER 850"Everything about Biz Jet jobs suits my needs and wants, thank you.. 5 Stars" Posted:07/03/19
  • Lowell JonesCincinnati, OH (US)CHALLENGER 350"I love the job filters on your job board. It is better than other boards I have subscribed to in the past. I think it could be improved by filtering job categories that are non-type rating required. That would place Bizjet at the cutting edge of job boards. Otherwise, well done." Posted:07/01/19
  • craig matarokansas city, MO (us)" Bizjetjobs provides a great service to all that are members. Great Job!!!!!" Posted:06/30/19
  • Daniel KrauseACWORTH, GA (us)BE400A, DA-50EX, XLS+, J31, CE680+"Ease of use - concise listings" Posted:06/28/19
  • Paul RivasLas Vegas, NV (US)CE750, CHALLENGER 600"The Website is a little on the slow side to load, but thats about it." Posted:06/28/19
  • David Di NapoliHouston, TX (US)CHALLENGER 601, GLOBAL 6000, GLOBAL XRS, GV"Very easy to navigate, and very accurate on the information provided ." Posted:06/22/19
  • Leonard (Len) CardneauGrand Blanc, MI (US)CE525, BE300/350, CE550, , GIII, LEGACY 600"Appreciate the efforts the team has made over the years, especially now with the best hiring environment in decades! " Posted:06/20/19
  • Brett Peterson (us)G550"I enjoy the site. Works very well. " Posted:06/12/19
  • MANUEL GARCIA FUENTESPORT SAINT LUCIE, FL (US)LEAR 35/35A/36, LEAR 55, LEAR 31A, Lear 60/60XR"I love the diversity of Aerospace Jobs in your database. " Posted:06/12/19
  • Lange RemyPhiladelphia Northeast,PA, PA (us)Lear 60/60XR, LEAR 35/35A/36, Lear 60/60XR"I love the service for that reason I give it 5 Stars " Posted:06/12/19
  • Robert RandallOdenton, MD (US)GLOBAL XRS, GIII, G550, GV"Is there a way to filter jobs in order to find those that are commutable?"Reply: Hi Robert, You must have read our minds. We recently started collecting this info from employers. Commutable pilot jobs are now available here: Let us know if you need anything else. Cheers, Matt Posted:06/11/19
  • Dave JesurunAlbuquerque, NM (US)L-382, DO-328, BE90, BARON 58, PA-46, C-182, BE300/350, Bonanza 36, CE560, BE200"Love the "invitation to apply" feature. An "invitation to bid" feature for contract pilot jobs would be similarly excellent." Posted:06/09/19
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  • Freddy SivanNew York, NY (us)B-747, B-737, Lear 60/60XR, G200"Lots of jobs, huge exposure. I think it would help not show cabin attendants on a pilots search and also to have a North-East US option on the area of work choices. " Posted:06/07/19
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  • John GilardeCovington Twp., PA (US)DA-2000EX, GIVSP, DA-50EX, DA7X, HAWKER 800XP, DA8X"Great source and I have been very satisfied for many years. " Posted:06/04/19
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  • VAN NUYS, CA (US)"More contacts for flight attendants" Posted:05/29/19
  • Jeff HolmesMIDDLETOWN, DE (US)"All pertinent Aviation Opportunities. Application process is good. When selecting "Aviation Maintenance " Many Pilot positions are included. Why ?"Reply: Hi Jeff, We do not have a category for maintenance jobs and discourage employers from posting these positions since mechanics aren't using our site. However, we do post management positions, which does include Director of Maintenance positions. Posted:05/29/19
  • john swartzsaint johnsville, NY (US)DA-20, BE400, PC-12, B-737 BBJ"Faster speed on your website. Salary survey showing salaries ONLY! NOT total compensation. That means nothing to a pilot!"Reply: Hi John, Thanks for the feedback. We just upgraded the site to handle greater demand. Let us know if you still see any lag time. Give us a call and we can walk you through total compensation. You can also find the benefits and perks included in Total Compensation at the bottom of the Salary Survey - Regards, Greg Posted:05/29/19
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  • FAKHRUDIN SHEIKH (US)DHC-6"SOME OF THIS JOBS ARE OUT OF DATE"Reply: Hi Fakhrudin, After a couple of weeks employers often stop receiving applications and have little need to unpublish their job postings. However, some members do use older job postings to learn more about a company, opportunities in a specific location, etc. or even for networking. Postings on the site go back a couple of years. Best, Greg Posted:05/25/19
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  • Steven HarrChester, MD (US)B-737, B-767, A-320, DC-9, A-330, B-727, FK-28"Love the sight but wish there was a way of marking jobs you are not interested in applying for, and jobs that you have applied for." Posted:05/21/19

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