We maintain excellent relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Citation pilots.

Our Citation pilot job opportunities include both contract and corporate work. For assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809. You may also sign-up here.

Date Posted Position Company Name
08/15/2018 Seeking Full-Time Captain on CE680 (Members Only)
08/15/2018 Citation CE650 SIC(Members Only)
08/14/2018 Experienced Cessna Citation XL Captains (Members Only)
08/14/2018 Experienced Citation Sovereign/Latitude Captains (Members Only)
08/14/2018 CJ3-CJ4 Flight Simulator Instructor Pilot (Calsbad, CA)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 Citation CE680 Sovereign Pilot - First Officer (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 Citation CJ3 First Officer - 800 hrs TT (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 CE-560XL PIC/DO Naples, FL (KAPF)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 CE-560XL Captain Naples, FL (KAPF)(Members Only)
08/13/2018 Citation Ground & Simulator Instructor Pilot (Orlando, FL)(Members Only)
08/12/2018 CE525 Corporate Pilot Job(Members Only)
08/10/2018 Citation CE680 Latitude Pilot - First Officer(Members Only)
08/10/2018 Citation CE650 Captain (Eau Claire, WI)(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation CE-510 / CE-525 Corporate Pilot Job(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Cessna CitationJet CJ3 First Officer(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Cessna CitationJet CJ3 Captain(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation 525 / 680 Sovereign Pilots, Fluent in German (Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation X Chief Pilot (Grand Rapids, MI)(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation CJ3+/M2 Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation CJ3 First Officer (Michigan)(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Citation CJ4 Corporate Pilot Job(Members Only)
08/08/2018 Citation First Officer (North Carolina)(Members Only)
08/07/2018 Citation CJ3 Captain (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
08/07/2018 Citation X Captain (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation Encore PIC (Santa Ana, CA)(Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation CE550 Captain(Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation CJ4 Contract Pilot(Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation Ultra SIC (Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation Ultra PIC(Members Only)
08/06/2018 Citation XLS PIC (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/04/2018 Citation XLS Captain Pilot Job (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/04/2018 Citation Second-in-Command (Orlando, FL)(Members Only)
08/04/2018 Citation CE525 Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
08/03/2018 Citation CE680 Captain (Members Only)
08/01/2018 Citation Mustang 510 Pilot Job (England)(Members Only)
08/01/2018 Chief Pilot - Citaiton CE525(Members Only)
08/01/2018 Fractional Pilot Positions(Members Only)
08/01/2018 Citation XLS - SIC - Fort Worth, TX (FTW)(Members Only)
07/31/2018 Citation CJ4 EASA Pilot - Basel, Switzerland(Members Only)