Below are Chief Pilot Jobs for experienced pilots who hold an ATP pilot rating, turbojet rating, have completed flight safety courses, and possess excellent managerial skills. Whether your expertise is pilot staffing, safety, scheduling or record-keeping, our clients are looking for the leadership and vision you can provide to their pilots and mechanics. maintains strong relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Chief Pilots and other crew members.

For assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809. You may also sign-up here.

Date Posted Position Company Name
04/20/2018 Asst. Chief Pilot(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Pt 91 Challenger 604 Chief Pilot and Captain (Florida)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Captain Pilot Job (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
04/19/2018 Asst. Chief Pilot(Members Only)
04/18/2018 PIC / Citation Bravo(Members Only)
04/17/2018 CE525S Captains, Scottsdale Arizona(Members Only)
04/16/2018 Citation Mustang Captains (Montana)(Members Only)
04/14/2018 Helicopter Chief Pilot (Members Only)
04/12/2018 King Air Captain(Members Only)
04/11/2018 Citation CJ3 PIC for Seattle, Washington(Members Only)
04/03/2018 Chief Pilot for 135 Charter(Members Only)
04/03/2018 Director of Operations/VP of Operations(Members Only)
04/03/2018 Assistant Chief Pilot(Members Only)
03/31/2018 Citation CE-525 Chief Pilot (Salt Lake City, UT)(Members Only)
03/31/2018 Assistant Chief Pilot(Members Only)
03/29/2018 Assistant Chief Pilot / Flight Standards Manager(Members Only)
03/28/2018 Gulfstream Asst. Chief Pilot (SoCal)(Members Only)
03/27/2018 FAR Part 135/121 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
03/26/2018 Avanti II EVO - CAPTAIN(Members Only)
03/24/2018 Gulfstream 650 Captain & First Officer(Members Only)
03/19/2018 Corporate Chief Pilot (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)(Members Only)
03/18/2018 Chief Pilot Pilot Job(Members Only)
03/16/2018 Chief Pilot Job(Members Only)
03/14/2018 Chief Pilot (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)(Members Only)
03/12/2018 Chief Pilot: Part 135 Citation XL (Naples, FL)(Members Only)
03/10/2018 Chief Pilot - St. Louis, MO(Members Only)
03/08/2018 Chief Pilot - B737(Members Only)
03/06/2018 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
03/06/2018 Chief Pilot (Idaho)(Members Only)
03/04/2018 Chief Pilot (Members Only)
03/02/2018 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
03/01/2018 G-V PIC (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
02/27/2018 Chief Pilot / Director of Operations(Members Only)
02/22/2018 Chief Pilot - Palm Springs, CA(Members Only)
02/19/2018 Chief Pilot - England (Members Only)
02/16/2018 Learjet PIC and SIC (Members Only)
02/16/2018 Citation Mustang / Phenom 300 Corporate Chief Pilot (Illinois)(Members Only)
02/15/2018 Chief Pilot - Palm Springs, CA(Members Only)
02/14/2018 Chief Pilot (Members Only)
02/13/2018 Chief Pilot(Members Only)