Below are our most recently posted Captain Pilot Jobs for experienced pilots in a variety of corporate aircraft. maintains strong relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Captain Pilots and other crew members.

For assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809. You may also sign-up here.

Date Posted Position Company Name
10/20/2018 Gulfstream 550 Captain (Texas)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Learjet Pilots (Naples, FL)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Citation X Contract Pilot(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Premier I PIC (California)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 King Air 350 PIC (California)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 ATR-42/72 Captain (Indianapolis, IN)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Challenger 601 PIC (Pontiac, MI)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 PC-12 PIC - $7,500 Bonus! (El Paso, TX)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Forestry Pilot (North Carolina)(Members Only)
10/20/2018 P/T - Per Diem Coroprate Jet Pilots(Members Only)
10/20/2018 Gulfstream 200 Aviation Manager (Utah)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Gulfstream V Lead Captain Pilot Job (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Gulfstream 450 Corporate Pilot Pilot(Members Only)
10/19/2018 EMB-145 Captains (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 EMB-120 First Officers(Members Only)
10/19/2018 EMB-120 Captain (Florida)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 PC-12 PIC (Boise, ID)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Learjet 75 Captain (Members Only)
10/19/2018 PC-12 Captain(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Captains - Mutiple Openings! (Florida)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Gulfstream 200 PIC - Part 135 (Miami, FL)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Hawker 800a PIC - New England (Members Only)
10/19/2018 Experienced Type Rated EASA Captains(Members Only)
10/19/2018 EMB-120 Captain (Caribbean)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Global 6000 Captain (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Global 5000 Captain (Bridgeport, CT)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Falcon 900EX EASy Captain (New Jersey)(Members Only)
10/19/2018 King Air 350 Aviation Manager(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Citation CE-550 Bravo Captain (Austin, TX)(Members Only)
10/18/2018 Corporate Challenger 300 Pilot (Portland, OR)(Members Only)
10/18/2018 CaptainConfidential
10/18/2018 Citation Bravo Chief Pilot (Alabama)(Members Only)
10/18/2018 Hawker 850XP PIC (Members Only)
10/18/2018 Lear 60XR Captains & First Officers(Members Only)
10/18/2018 G-IV Contract Pilots(Members Only)
10/18/2018 Corporate G-IV Captain / Manager - Part 91 (Springfield, MO)(Members Only)
10/18/2018 VVIP B747-8i Captain Job(Members Only)
10/18/2018 EASA B717 Captains (Members Only)
10/18/2018 HS-125/800XP PIC (Southern California)(Members Only)