Hewlett Packard Flight Department in San Jose, CA.

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Date Posted Position Company Name
10/21/2020 Charter Sales Representative (Oakland, CA)(Members Only)
10/21/2020 Challenger 605 Co-Captain (Members Only)
10/21/2020 Challenger 605 Lead Captain(Members Only)
10/20/2020 Bell 407 Pilot - $5,000 Stipend (Bakersfield, CA)(Members Only)
10/19/2020 Global 7500 Captain (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
10/17/2020 Flight Coordinator(Members Only)
10/17/2020 Gulfstream 650ER DOM (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
10/17/2020 Helicopter Pilot Job - Willits, CA(Members Only)
10/16/2020 Captain: Cessna Citation 560XL(Members Only)
10/16/2020 Airport Services - Flight Concierge (Burbank, CA)(Members Only)
10/16/2020 Vice President of Charter Sales (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
10/16/2020 Learjet 60 Captains (Commutable Position)(Members Only)
10/12/2020 Manager, Aviation Operations (Van Nuys CA)(Members Only)
10/12/2020 Operations Manager (Irvine, CA)(Members Only)
10/10/2020 Aviation Station Duty Manager (San Francisco, CA)(Members Only)
10/10/2020 Type Rated Gulfstream 200 SIC (Van Nuys, CA)(Members Only)
10/09/2020 Gulfstream 550 Captain - Part 91 Operations (Members Only)
10/09/2020 P/T King Air 350 Captain (Camarillo, CA)(Members Only)
10/09/2020 Gulfstream 550 Aviation Manager - Part 91 (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
10/09/2020 Gulfstream 550 Captain - Part 91 (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
10/09/2020 Gulfstream 550 DOM / Supervisor (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
10/08/2020 EC-135 Pilot (California)(Members Only)
10/08/2020 EC-135/145 EMS/Fire Rescue Pilot (Califonia)(Members Only)
10/07/2020 Gulfstream G-200 Pilot (Members Only)
10/07/2020 Flight Coordinator (Carlsbad, CA)(Members Only)
10/06/2020 Gulfstream 550 Aviation Supervisor (S.F. Bay Area)(Members Only)
10/06/2020 Inflight Director (San Francisco, CA)(Members Only)
10/06/2020 F-35 Flight Instructor(Members Only)
10/05/2020 Aviation Vice President of Owners Services (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
10/03/2020 Aviation Systems Analyst (Santa Ana, CA)(Members Only)
10/03/2020 Aerial Application Helicopter Pilot / California(Members Only)
09/30/2020 Citation Sovereign Contract Pilot (SoCal)(Members Only)
09/28/2020 Gulfstream 200 Type Rated SIC (Van Nuys, CA)(Members Only)
09/28/2020 Gulfstream 200 Type Rated PIC (Van Nuys, CA)(Members Only)
09/26/2020 Citation CJ3 SIC (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
09/25/2020 Director of Client Relations (Oakland, CA)(Members Only)
09/24/2020 Operations Supervisor (Los Angeles, CA - VNY)(Members Only)
09/24/2020 Test Pilot(Members Only)
09/23/2020 Private Jet Charter Sales and Flight Coordinator (Carlsbad, CA)(Members Only)
09/22/2020 Rotor Wing Instructor Pilot (Sacramento, CA)(Members Only)