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We maintain excellent relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for Boeing pilots, Captains, First Officers, Training Specialists and crew. Our opportunities feature the best compensation and benefits available for Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and Boeing 737-800 positions.

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Date Posted Position Company Name
06/23/2018 B-777 Training Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
06/23/2018 B737 Training Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
06/23/2018 B757/767 Training Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
06/23/2018 B717 Flight Training Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
06/21/2018 B757/767 Chief Pilot(Members Only)
06/20/2018 B-757 Captains (Asia)(Members Only)
06/20/2018 B777 VIP Corporate Flight Attendants (Europe)(Members Only)
06/18/2018 B737 Captain (Annual pay $200,000 - $300,000)(Members Only)
06/16/2018 Director - Inflight Regulatory Training (Chicago, IL)(Members Only)
06/15/2018 B737 First Officers(Members Only)
06/15/2018 Instructor, Flight Standards and Qualifications (Honolulu, HI)(Members Only)
06/12/2018 B737 Simulator Instructor Pilot (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
06/10/2018 Boeing 757/767 Instructor Pilot (Atlanta, GA)(Members Only)
06/09/2018 B767-200/300F First Officers(Members Only)
06/08/2018 (6) B737 Pilots - 10 mo. contract(Members Only)
06/07/2018 Chief Pilot (Members Only)
06/04/2018 B737 First Officers(Members Only)
06/04/2018 B-777 First Officers(Members Only)
06/01/2018 Boeing 737 First Officers (Members Only)
06/01/2018 Boeing 737 First Officers(Members Only)
06/01/2018 Boeing 737 First Officers (Members Only)
06/01/2018 B737 First Officers(Members Only)
05/29/2018 B737-800/NG Captains(Members Only)
05/29/2018 B737-800/NG First Officers - July 1st start date (Caribbean)(Members Only)
05/29/2018 Flight Attendant / Inflight Training Instructor (Phoenix, AZ)(Members Only)
05/25/2018 Director of Inflight Base Operations (Members Only)
05/25/2018 Long-Haul Cabin Crew - Los Angeles, CA(Members Only)
05/23/2018 B-737 Captains (Members Only)
05/23/2018 Airline Captain(Members Only)
05/23/2018 Boeing 737 First Officer Pilot Positions(Members Only)
05/22/2018 Boeing 737 First Officers (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
05/22/2018 B-737 Captains (Hawaii)(Members Only)
05/22/2018 B737 First Officer(Members Only)
05/21/2018 Airline Captain(Members Only)
05/21/2018 Pilot - First Officers(Members Only)
05/19/2018 B-777 First Officers Needed (12 mo. contract)(Members Only)
05/18/2018 B737 Flightcrew Training Instructor(Members Only)
05/17/2018 BBJ PIC Full Time(Members Only)
05/15/2018 Chief Pilot - B737 (Auckland, NZ)(Members Only)
05/11/2018 Cabin Crew for Long-Haul Flights - London (Members Only)