Corporate Flight Attendant Resume Sample & 9 Tips


Today, aviation HR expert Angie Marshall and guest blogger shares a corporate flight attendant resume example and her 9 tips for a resume that will help you make the right first impression – and get that corporate flight attendant dream job. Angie is an Aviation Employment Consultant with over twenty years of experience preparing pilots and crew for their professional aviation careers. (See also Angie’s tips for Pilot Resume Writing.) Read on for her tips and corporate flight attendant resume example – to help you make the best first impression.



Two weeks ago, I had a business meeting with a corporate flight department. While there, I couldn’t help but notice the professionalism of the crew and staff. Each one of them was dressed in clean, well pressed uniforms, shoes were shined, hair was neat and stylish, even their hands and nails were clean and well-manicured. They were so polite, (said “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, “may I help you”, etc.), smiled a lot, and made me feel very welcomed.

I asked the Director of Operations where he found such a great group of people to hire. He stated, “Well, I am very particular about who I hire since they are the representatives of this company. But I don’t just call in anyone who is qualified. I pre-screen applicants by their resume. If they are a professional on paper, I feel that they will be a professional in person.”

As corporate flight departments begin to expand, so does the need for hiring professional crewmembers such as flight attendants. Gone are the nostalgic days of the “easy going, jet-setting, and glamorous lifestyle of the pretty stewardess.” Today, we welcome and recognize the need for a well trained, highly efficient, safety-capable flight attendant. Many corporate companies will spend thousands of dollars interviewing, hiring, and training crewmembers, so picking the right person is not only a professional decision but also a financial investment.

With the competition in the industry heating up, it is more important than ever to be sure that you have the best flight attendant resume possible – one that makes an immediate impact and a great first impression. Below are some flight attendant resume tips and guidance on how to write a great flight attendant resume. I also include a flight attendant resume format example at the end of the article.

1. Be sure to grammar and spell check your flight attendant resume before you hit the print or “send” button. Best case scenario: have someone with a knack for spelling and grammar – or someone in the industry you trust – do a cross-check. Two sets of eyes are better than one!

2. Stay away from “cutesy” flight attendant resumes. Using designs in the header and footer, floral paper, “fluff” words, etc., will be a negative attention-getter as opposed to a positive one. Corporate flight attendant employers are looking to fill jobs with highly professional, well trained, efficient, and safety-capable flight attendants.

3. List your current and former employers. Aviation departments have to verify your employment history. Be sure to supply months and years, name of company, your title, and duties performed. Be sure to list customer service skills first, since this is a crucial part of every corporate flight attendant job. See our corporate flight attendant resume example below for formatting advice.

4. Include information that could be of value / added skills to the job. For example: “worked for a catering service while in college” or “worked as a hotel concierge for 12 months before entering aviation” demonstrate culinary and VIP customer service skills.

5. Include only completed or soon-to-be-completed education POST high school. If you attended a college 12 years ago but did not complete the program, and are not currently enrolled in the college, it should not be on your resume. High school information should not be included on a professional flight attendant resume.

6. Do not include personal information such as weight, height, health status, age, birthdate, social security number, date of high school or college graduation, religion, political, or marital status.

7. Corporate flight attendant resumes should be well organized, visually pleasing, easy to read, and filled with factual information. Again, see our corporate flight attendant resume example at the bottom of this post.

8. List information only once on your resume. Having the same information in two or three different categories is redundant and uses valuable resume “real estate” where you could be showcasing other relevant flight attendant job skills.

9. Keep resumes to one page!

While there are no set formatting requirements for a professional flight attendant resume, following these nine steps can help you with the preparation and presentation of your flight attendant job experience. By remembering to keep things organized and focused on information that applies to the job in which you are applying, you will prove that you are the right person — not just to be interviewed but to get hired!

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