International Pilot CV/Resume Example & Tips from Aviation HR Expert Angie Marshall


Angie_pictureAviation HR expert Angie Marshall is back, this time to share her international pilot CV/resume example and international pilot resume tips that will help you make the right first impression on a potential overseas corporate aviation employer. Angie is a Pilot Employment Consultant with over twenty years of experience preparing pilots for their professional aviation careers. (See Part 1 in our series with Angie here on Pilot Resume Writing, and Part 2 on Writing a Great Cover Letter.) Marshall does not believe you should use the same resume for stateside and overseas corporate aviation job applications.

“Pilots pursuing international pilot jobs, positions outside of the US, have a separate set of challenges that need to be addressed in their resume,” she says. “Overseas resumes and CVs often follow a very different layout than those we are familiar with here stateside.”

Here are Angie’s tips. Scroll down for a good international pilot resume example:

  • Resumes should be well organized and not too wordy. Regardless of the job, recruiters will spend less than 10 seconds initially qualifying your resume.
  • A photo of you may be required on the resume for some overseas carriers.
  • Personal data such as your birthdate, complete address, height, weight, marital status may also be requested for international positions.
  • Flight times, certificates, ratings, and licenses need to be clearly stated and in the top third of the resume so that recruiters can quickly qualify your minimums. If you have flight time in a specific airplane that helps to qualify you for the job, then clearly list this time in your flight time break down.
  • Your 10-year employment history needs to be included with dates, addresses, title(s), equipment flown and job descriptions. The exception to this rule is if you have a job from your past that is directly relevant. In this case, add a category that highlights this experience without overwhelming the rest of the resume.
  • Education needs to be included and list any scholarships or internships you received. Also include any study abroad programs you may have participated with or in.
  • Languages that you are fluent or conversational in need to be included.
  • A Summary or Objective can be included on an International resume. Be careful not to go overboard with your thoughts, and never equate a good description with a long one. To the point words will win every time!
  • Polish your resume! Especially in today’s competitive pilot market, you need to ensure that everything looks perfect. Be sure you spellcheck, ensure your email address and phone number are correct, and your resume looks well balanced and professional. Have a friend, family member or trusted colleague in the industry with an eye for detail review it. Two sets of eyes are always better than one.

Some overseas companies adhere to similar guidelines as US companies, but others require a more in-depth format. It is important that you read the requirements of the application and resume submission process very carefully before submission. Your resume is the first impression a company will have of you, so make it the right one!

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Download the International Pilot Resume Example.

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