William Ermolovich

Encinitas, CA (US)
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • ATP: Yes
  • Types of Visas: Chinese Russian
  • Type Ratings: B-737, B-737 BBJ, B-757, B-767, B767 VVIP, DHC-2, PHENOM 300
  • Current Medical Class: 1st Class
  • Total Hours: 26,606
  • Jet Hours: 16,873
  • Multi-Engine Hours: 16,873
  • Turboprop Hours: 4
  • Skills: 1st Class, ATP, Dual Rated, Part 135, Part 91, Part-121 Experience, Retired Airline, Retired Military
  • Willing to relocate?: Around the World
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  • BOEING B-737 BBJ

    Time in Type:
    2814 hours
    Training Date:
    July 18, 2020
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    CAE Dubai
    Price Per Day:
  • BOEING B-737

    Time in Type:
    2814 hours
    Training Date:
    July 18, 2020
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    CAE Dubai
    Price Per Day:
  • BOEING B-767

    Time in Type:
    10937 hours
    Training Date:
    April 15, 2016
    Type of Training:
    Part 121
    Training Facility:
    Delta ATL
    Price Per Day:

    Time in Type:
    10937 hours
    Training Date:
    April 15, 2016
    Type of Training:
    Part 121
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:
  • BOEING B-757

    Time in Type:
    10937 hours
    Training Date:
    April 15, 2016
    Type of Training:
    Part 121
    Training Facility:
    Delta ATL
    Price Per Day:

    Time in Type:
    480 hours
    Training Date:
    May 17, 1987
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:

    Time in Type:
    367 hours
    Training Date:
    October 16, 2018
    Type of Training:
    Part 135
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:

Career Highlights

20 years Naval Aviator, 30 years airline Captain, Part 91/135 4 Years

Assistant Chief Pilot and Safety Department head

Part 91/135 VVIP Experience 4 years


Flight Crew Part 91 or Part 135 VIP Aircraft Worldwide on a contract basis.

Additional Details: Airline Flight Time:
Flight Hours Pilot+ Flight Engineer Total Time: 26,606
Pilot in Command: 15,636
Second in Command: 1,896
Flight Engineer L1011: 6,096
Multi-engine Pilot: 16,873
Turboprop: 4
Instrument 14,000+
Instructor: 2,500+
Night 10,000+

Flight Hours Total Pilot Time Airline + Military + Civilian: 17359.5 hours

Certificates & Ratings

Airline Transport Pilot: AMEL # 2193934 Flight Engineer: Turbo Powered #92426922
Commercial Privileges: ASEL
Type Ratings: Phenom 300 / EMB 505, B-737, B-757, B767
FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit
Flight Instructor: U.S. Navy T-2, F-14
FAA First Class Medical Certificate
US Passport: Current, Unrestricted Visa: China

Primary Language: English
Speak basic French. Working knowledge of Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish.

August 2019 to present Senior Captain and Aircraft manager on a BBJ II in a Part 91 operation.
Based in Asia and operating worldwide.

Sept 2018 to July 2019 flew in North America for Superior Air Charter
Pilot on a fleet of beautifully-designed, state-of-the-art jets,
VIP on demand part 91/135 pilot on Phenom 300 / EMB-505

2018 Contract Captain on a BBJ with ACASS of Canada
□ Worldwide operations Asia, Middle East, Europe, China and Russia
□ Updated Class One medical 12 July 2018
□ Annual/Recurrent BBJ/737N FAR 61.58 completed 11 May 2018
□ RVSM training updated 22 Nov 2017
□ International Procedures Training update completed 07 Apr 2018
□ Line Check Training Captain and Evaluator (TRI/TRE) responsible for training and evaluating new hire contract pilots

2017 Contract Captain in Dubai on a BBJ
• Aircraft used for both business and personal travel. About 85% of the flight time was involved with business travel to Russia, India, China, Borneo, Korea, Canada, Panama and South America. A few personal trips involved flights transporting family from Dubai, UAE to Japan, Hawaii (Honolulu and Hilo) Mexico, Panama, Seattle, and Finland.
• Planed, operated and supported flight operations. Assisted in loading and unloading baggage and cargo, cleaning the aircraft, fueling the aircraft, checking and filling oil in the engines, and installing and uninstalling engine covers, pitot covers and landing gear pins.
• Assisted in the logistics of getting flight attendants and crew to and from various airports. Loading catering at hotels and stocking the aircraft galley, as well as, unloading dishes and cleaning the galley were also part of my routine.
• On call 24/7 working 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off.

August 1987 to March 2017 Captain 757/767 Delta Air Lines

Positive Highlights of a 28 ½ year Delta Career
Captain 737 / 757 / 767 Domestic on the 737 and international on the 757/767
First Officer L-1011 and 767
Flight Engineer: 727 / L-1011 Line Check Airman/FE L1011 DFW & JFK

 Line Check Engineer 1989 Selected as Lead Check Second Officer DFW L-15.
 Transferred to JFK as Lead Check Second officer under Captain Dave Bushy.
 Conducted a 6 month audit of all L-15 Flight Engineers at JFK
 Conduct initial and recurrent training for new hires and Captains bidding to flight Engineer at DFW then JFK
 Additional Duties at JFK included Base Safety Coordinator JFK and European stations.
 Met with French ATC team in Nice to discuss improving safety issues.
 Published JFK Flight Engineer News Letter.
 Assisted in the office with administrative and safety issues.

First Officer L-1011 500 and B-767ER followed by Captain 737N LGA/JFK

 Remained on duty as Base Safety Coordinator JFK and Europe after FE duties.
 Became the de facto administrative assistant to the Chief Pilot JFK under various chief Pilots from 1977 through 2005.
 Maintained the Chief Pilot manual and all other publications.
 Manned the JFK office when the Chief Pilot was out of station.
 Attended Station meetings representing Flight Operations.
 Toured facilities including Fire Rescue at airports JFK, LGA, and EWR.
 Attended meetings with NY Port Authority and NY area FAA.
 Active with runway incursion committee hosted by the FAA
 Audited and maintained international flight envelopes.
 Investigated safety issues at many European stations as well as in Mumbai and Moscow.
 Investigated and mitigated Delta’s noise violations in Manchester, England.
 Became the Subject Matter Expert on Russian operations and published the first comprehensive theater guide to Russian operations for Delta pilots.
 Investigated food safety issues in Mumbai, India mitigating aircrew sickness.
 Published aircrew health information for India including vaccination and use of DEET to ward off mosquitos.
 Toured Moscow European Sector ATC in preparation for Y2K.
 Developed and maintained close relations with Russian DOT.
 Active in Ionizing Radiation Occupational health issues for aircrew attending conferences with Dr. Faulkner.
 Maintained the Flight Operations / Flight Safety bulletin board at JFK.
 Created and maintained the JFK, LGA web sites until they were rolled into the Flight Operations web site several years later.
 Attended many safety, operations, and marketing meetings in Atlanta.

Supported the JFK Chief Pilot Office on 9/11/2001

 Arrived at JFK at 05:30 from LAX on 9/11
 When first aircraft hit the World Trade Center made arrangements for accommodations to remain on duty in the CPO at JFK.
 Remained on duty with Chief Pilot Patrick Kavanagh manning the CPO 24/7 for about 10 days taking turns for rest and sleep.
 Used my Delta company laptop and modem to run operations at JFK since all T-1 high speed internet lines were confiscated by the government. This was the only computer available to run JFK Flight Operations for a week.
 Flew Delta’s first flight out of New York (LGA) several days after 9/11 taking 100 crew to ATL and returning a similar number to JFK.
 Assisted with coordination of aircraft recover of the 40+ Delta aircraft which had diverted to Gander, Newfoundland along with some from Europe.
 Helped implement new security procedures and rules at JFK and LGA.

Accident Investigator/Go Team Member/Lead Base Safety coordinator

• Trained at DOT Accident Investigation School Oklahoma City, OK for Delta.
• Administered System Wide Base Safety Coordinator Program.
• Revamped the BSC program building from a few out of touch BSCs to have between 2 and 4 in each base.
• Published a new Base Safety Coordinator operations document.
• Responsible for Safety Investigations and Mitigation World Wide.
• Conducted quarterly meetings for BSCs in Atlanta.
• Trained in blood born pathogen issues and became a trainer dealing with accident site safety, blood born pathogen mitigation, and hazmat suite use.
• All BSCs trained in accident site safety issues
• Responded to Go Team pages when called.
• Attended Delta and ALPA safety conference’s representing Delta Flight Safety.

Captain B-767ER LAX

 Routinely fly maximum time each month.
 Flew many military and sports team charters, including operations in Udappu, Thailand and Delhi. India.
 Always on call for overtime flying answering any request each month. Including several requests answered within one hour thirty minutes of initial call.
 When encountering safety or operational issues submitted an FCR.
 Always aware of schedule and safety keeping flight arrivals on time.
 Published after action reports submitted via email with Chief Pilot after initial operations in Japan, Guam, Saipan, Guatemala City and San Josa, Costa Rica.

Retired Naval Aviator with 20 years of service.
Safety Department Head, Maintenance Quality Assurance, Training Development Officer, Airframes Branch, Power Plants Branch at VT-26, VF-11, VF-124, and VF-14.

Extensive operations (F-14) Lebanon, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, North Atlantis, and South Atlantic. Four deployments aboard the CV-67 USS John F Kennedy.

Other career endeavors:
Founding Member & V.P. Aerospace Marketing
Turbine Components, Inc - TCI
March 2006 – March 2014 (8 years 1 month)San Diego, California
NADCAP, AS9100C, ISO9000, FAA, EASA Certified
TCI acquired by RBC Bearings Inc. (ROLL) Nasdaq
TCI is engaged in overhaul and manufacture of turbine engine components.
Main expertise in overhaul of auxiliary power unit parts, aircraft and helicopter turbine engine parts, and large engine exhaust nozzles.
Manufacture under license of various turbine component and aircraft sub-assemblies.
Primary Responsibility: Marketing to airline technical operations and military MRO divisions.
Direct liaison with major airline MRO and purchasing departments.
Duties included overseeing web site (design & maintenance), sales, and company promotion.