Robert McDonald

Houston, TX (us)
832 622 9010
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • ATP: Yes
  • Types of Visas: U.S.
  • Type Ratings: CE550, SF-340
  • Current Medical Class: 1st Class
  • Total Hours: 2,365
  • Jet Hours: 239
  • Multi-Engine Hours: 915
  • Turboprop Hours: 533
  • Skills: 1st Class, ATP, Part 91
  • Willing to relocate?: Country of Residence
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    Time in Type:
    239 hours
    Training Date:
    May 15, 2019
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:
  • SAAB SF-340

    Time in Type:
    456 hours
    Training Date:
    July 5, 2007
    Type of Training:
    Part 121
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:

Career Highlights

Dual Rated pilot

Typed in CE-550/560 Citation series jet

Single Pilot Exemption Citation CE-550/560 Series jet


Full time corporate pilot position

Additional Details: departure cities- KIAH, KHOU, KLGA, KIAD, KDWH, KEFD. Typed
FO on Saab 340 (483 hrs for Colgan air.)
ATP type rating CE- 550/560
Single Pilot Exemption CE- 550/560
Commercial Rotorcraft