Michael Hayes

Ithaca, NY (US)
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • ATP: Yes
  • Types of Visas: None presently
  • Type Ratings: BE90, King Air 250
  • Current Medical Class: 1st Class
  • Total Hours: 9,496
  • Jet Hours: 304
  • Multi-Engine Hours: 7,814
  • Turboprop Hours: 2,450
  • Skills: 1st Class, ATP, Part 135, Part 91
  • Willing to relocate?: Around the World
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  • KING AIR King Air 250

    Time in Type:
    1545 hours
    Training Date:
    April 12, 2019
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    Tru Simulation
    Price Per Day:

    Time in Type:
    980 hours
    Training Date:
    Type of Training:
    Part 91
    Training Facility:
    FlyRight, Inc.
    Price Per Day:

Career Highlights

Exceptional judgment, "air sense". Time efficient, safe operations.

Math and physics based aviation decision making basis, no assumptions,

Care about passengers and crew needs within overall mission timeline


Guardian Flight EMS B200 captain based in Hawaii

Additional Details: No accidents, incidents or violations ever
Organ recovery single pilot Part 135 flights for Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN [KRST].
Able to relocate to HI, long term, we have homes to sell in NY.
This position is not a stepping stone to me, rather a permanent position.
SIC Learjet 31/35 FAR 135
PIC Corporate and 135 captain King Air C90a, C90GTi / GTx, 200, B200, B250 - 18 years 1 and 2 crew
EFIS 85 with UNS-1, Proline 21 FMS 3000, Fusion with WAAS and LPV proficient

22 years Part 135 Captain
Chief Pilot - 2 years Part 135
Director of Operations - 12 years Part 135
Caring, safety focused, multi cultural, dedicated employee and crew member
International flying experience, Canada, Caribbean Sea, China, South America