James Woods

Murfreesboro, TN (US)
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • ATP: Yes
  • Type Ratings: GIVSP
  • Current Medical Class: 1st Class
  • Total Hours: 9,508
  • Jet Hours: 6,577
  • Multi-Engine Hours: 7,811
  • Turboprop Hours: 1,014
  • Skills: 1st Class, ATP, Part 135, Part 91
  • Willing to relocate?: Around the World
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    Time in Type:
    2500 hours
    Training Date:
    September 16, 2019
    Type of Training:
    Part 135
    Training Facility:
    Price Per Day:

Career Highlights

I have flown DOD operations in Central Asia and the Middle East.


Corporate Pilot

Additional Details: I have been PIC on jet aircraft in world wide operations.

I have been a Manager of Training for an international charter company.

I have worked as an aircraft repair technician on corporate aircraft at Duncan Aviation for over three years.