Job Information

Date Posted: 08/29/2020
Company: Empire Airlines
Position: ATR-42/72 Captain (Montana)
Aircraft: ATR - ATR-42 / ATR-72
(Experience in Type: Preferred)
Position Type: Captain, Regional Airline
Location: Bozeman, MT (US)
Description: Position: ATR Captain (BZN)
Type: Full Time
Location: Bozeman, MT (BZN)

***Applicants to this posting are eligible to participate in the FedEx Purple Runway Pathways Program***


The 121 Captain will conduct safe, efficient, compliant and professional flight services.


Safely maneuver aircraft during all phases of flight; monitor all flight conditions including weather and cargo safety, and verify go/no-go decision; verify fuel requirements and related weather variables and ensure proper loading; make alternate destination decisions when the intended destination is unavailable.

Maintain command of all situations as they arise due to unexpected circumstances during the flight; ensure proper communications with stations, towers, flight controllers and dispatchers during the flight; file all reports required by the FAA and report any unusual aircraft behavior or performance to dispatch or maintenance personnel; properly record flight-hours in conjunction with Dispatch and adhere to FAA rest requirements and Company directives.

Supervise and evaluate staff; maintain familiarity and knowledge of applicable changes in regulations and procedures concerning the safe operation of all company aircraft; maintain thorough knowledge of all applicable policies, procedures, manuals, handbooks and protocol; serve as a positive, constructive, communicative leader for the company and its customers.

Review company bulletins and other correspondence on a daily basis, including emails and voicemails; submit all transmittals, expense reports and other company documents/correspondence accurately and in accordance with policy and procedures.

Serve as positive role model for ethical behavior, maintain a professional and dignified work environment, and promote and support the mission of Empire Airlines.

Other related duties as assigned.


ATP certificate with MEL
1st class medical
Fixed wing minimums:

2500 TT
1000 PIC
1000 MEL
300 turbine/turboprop
500 crew time
121.436 Pilot Qualification
IFR currency and proficiency

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