Job Information

Date Posted: 08/26/2020
Company: AutoZone
Position: Challenger 300 Corporate Pilot Job
(Experience in Type: Type Rated Only)
Position Type: First Officer, Captain, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: Memphis, TN (US)
Description: Position Summary :

Strive to provide Safe, Secure, Efficient and Flexible travel to all customers with a great attitude.
Safety, Customer Service, and Operational Excellence will be the driving force behind all Corporate Aviation endeavors.
Reports to the Chief Pilot.
Responsible to assigned Captain of the flight for the conduct and execution of assigned duties
Assists the Captain with discharging safety responsibilities and being prepared to assume the duties of the Pilot in Command.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Pilot is responsible for the safe conduct of domestic and international flights.
Pilot must ensure compliance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, company policies and procedures.
Provide excellent customer service to passengers.
Comply with schedules and other directives governing the aircraft\\\'s operation.
Ensure pre and post flight inspections are performed.
Studying weather conditions and NOTAM’s at departure, en route, alternate, and destination points.
Prepare and/or review flight plans and aircraft ensure aircraft performance parameters are within tolerances.
Collaborate with Captain in review Flight Risk Assessments for each leg and determine proper mitigation.
Ensure that the aircraft is clean and prepared for every flight.
Responsible for ensuring all catering is coordinated in a timely fashion to correspond with flight requirements.
Participate in the Safety Management System (SMS) by identifying, reporting, and assisting in mitigations of safety related issues.
Provide timely input on safety related topics and apply appropriate checklists while making decisions.
Provide exceptional customer service while assisting with passenger needs when they are onboard company aircraft.
Maintain a culture of safety with effective procedures that support customer service.
Complete all required Company, Departmental, Regulatory, and Aircraft specific training at the specified intervals.
Perform duties as Pilot Flying and Pilot Monitoring, as needed.
Rotational “on-call” schedule include days, nights, weekends and holidays.
Non-flying duties as prescribed by the Chief Pilot.

Position Skills and Requirements:

CL-30 Type-Rating with a minimum of 250 hours in-type
Minimum 2,000 hours of total flight time
FAA Airline Transport Pilot with Multiengine Land
FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator License
US Passport with ability to clear US Customs unencumbered
Valid State issued Drivers License
Must be able to pass, and maintain, FAA First Class Medical
Must attend and successfully complete FAA Part 91 recurrent training twice annually
Must successfully complete Initial Operating Experience as per company guidelines and Company assigned training
Must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor
Highly organized with attention to detail
Strong analytical, critical thinking, interpersonal, human relations and communication skills
Must live within a one-hour drive of, or relocate to, Memphis International Airport (MEM)

1,000 hours jet preferred
Bachelor’s degree in Aviation
EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) and FMS (Flight Management System) knowledge
2 years of Corporate flying experience

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