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Date Posted: 08/11/2019
Company: DuPont
Position: Gulfstream 550 Corporate Pilot Job - Captain
Aircraft: GULFSTREAM - G550
Position Type: Captain, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: New Castle, DE (US)
Description: The captain’s primary responsibility is to provide for the safe, comfortable, and economical operation of his/her aircraft. The captain is directly responsible for the safety and well-being of top management personnel for DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC. The captain is directly responsible for in excess of $40 million in company assets.When assigned as the Pilot-in-Command for a trip, a captain assumes command responsibility for the aircraft and crew and is responsible to the Chief Pilot. When assigned as the Second in Command, a captain is operationally responsible to the designated PIC for that trip.Duties and Responsibilities1. Report safety hazards and safety performance deficiencies to supervisor.2. Works within DuPont Aviation to maintain a culture of safety with efficient procedures that support customer service.3. Provides leadership and guidance to the pilots and flight technicians.4. Responsible for the safe conduct of the flight including limitations, checking and assessing weather, advisories, and NOTAMS. 5. Calculate and review that all aircraft operational matters are within manufacturers, FAA, and company limits including fuel, oil and oxygen requirements, weight and balance, and performance measures.6. Provide for the servicing (including refueling), maintenance, and protection of the aircraft at all times while away from home station. Ensure all discrepancies are entered appropriately. Coordinate with the Manager of Aircraft Assets and/or Maintenance for advice and assistance with maintenance requirements.7. Ensure the completion of all required aircraft forms, logs, and reports.8. Perform flight following functions, including progress or delays of the trip, informing the Flight Following Coordinator of the location and status of the aircraft and crew. Coordinate additions to and deletions from the passenger lists prior to aircraft movement and coordinate changes of aircraft movement with the Flight Following Coordinator in accordance with company procedures.9. Ensures compliance with the DuPont Aviation Flight Operations Manual and all federal / ICAO aviation regulations.10. Be a role model in safety and communications.11. May assist in selection, interviewing and hiring of new pilots.12. Function as Pilot in Command of flights for which he/she has been assigned. Will also act as Second in Command as scheduled. As SIC, will support the flight operation by assisting the Captain of the flight.13. Remain current and qualified in assigned aircraft.14. On flights with international destinations, ensure all crewmembers and passengers have complete paper credentials for admittance to all counties (passports, visas, vaccination records, etc.). Responsible for all crewmembers and passenger’s compliance with customs, immigration and agricultural regulations of all countries including cabotage laws.15. Ensure that all crewmembers are fully qualified, properly rested, prepared for flight, have all required licenses and certificates in their possession, and are briefed on all specific requirements of the trip.16. Responsible for ensuring the contents of the aircraft’s library are complete prior to each flight including all technology solutions.17. Responsible for ensuring all company procedures and FAR are complied with including preflight inspections, use of all aircraft checklists, and ensuring that aircraft are operated in a safe manner so as to not endanger life or property during flight or while on the ground.18. Provide for the safety and comfort of passengers, and satisfy their needs and requests, within the limits of sound operational procedures.19. Order catering to meet passenger requirements.20. Provide training and indoctrination for Second in Commands to assist them in upgrade to Captain. 21. When requested by the Chief Pilot, will provide individual appraisals of crewmembers flying skills for preparation of employees’ annual performance evaluations.22. Perform additional duties and special projects as assigned by the Chief Pilot.Other Job Requirements: Ability to interact well with a wide variety of people and personalities.· Good verbal and written communication skills.· Ability to adapt to unusual working hours and working conditions.· Requires approximately 75 days per year away from home.DuPont is an Equal Opportunity EmployerDuPont is an e-Verify Employer

Job Qualifications Education:
College degree or equivalent work experience. Licenses: ATP, Airplane Multiengine Land. Type rating in G550 aircraft is preferred. FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit. Medical: FAA First-Class Medical Certificate. Flight Time: 3000 hours’ total time, 1500 hours Pilot-in-Command, 1500 hours’ multi-engine turbine.

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