Job Information

Date Posted: 05/28/2019
Company: Flightstream Aviation
Position: Gulfstream 100 Co-Captain (Washington)
Aircraft: GULFSTREAM - G100
Position Type: Captain, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: Arlington, WA (US)
Salary: (salary confidential)
Description: Co-Captain for PT-91 flight department. G-100/Astra SPX and Kingair B-350. Located in a beautiful, climate controled private hangar on a midsize airport in rural, NW Washington. We operate approximately 200 hours per year with two pilots and two maintenance personnel. Weekend flights are the normal. Aircraft are superbly equipped and maintained. G-100 is FANS/1A+ equipped and Kingair has PL-21 with synthetic vision. This is a TEAM player position. We all chip in and help accomplish what needs to be done in a small flight department. Flying the aircraft is not our number one responsibility, safety is first and the owners comfort is second. A bit of grey around the temples and having seen the Southern Cross slide below the horizon from FL390 would be a plus. Salary is industry standard for the location and equipment. Management position is possibly available in the near future for the right applicant.

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