Job Information

Date Posted: 04/10/2019
Company: Amway
Position: Gulfstream 550 Corporate Pilot Job - Captain
Aircraft: GULFSTREAM - G550
Position Type: Captain, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: Ada, MI (US)
Description: A career at Amway is a career in opportunity. At Amway you can explore and grow, make a difference, and find success. Established in 1959, Amway is a multi-billion dollar company, and the world’s No. 1 direct selling business, according to the Direct Selling News Global 100. Amway is a center of health, skincare and home product innovation and top-selling, global brands. We manufacture and distribute 450+ consumer products. More than 17,000 employees worldwide support millions of Amway Business Owners who sell Amway products.

Job title: Captain – Gulfstream 550
Department / Division: Aircraft Administration / Corporate Aviation
Location: Ada, MI

What’s special about this team:

The Corporate Flight team at Amway, provides aircraft services to Amway Owners, Amway executives, and other dignitaries. This team is known for polish, professionalism, and service, in the air and on the ground. This flight group is known in the industry for their superior flight operation, and you would be part of an elect few, selected to maintain the caliber and standards this operation requires. This team works collaboratively to deliver a superior flight experience, offering safety and comfort to all passengers. Your flexibility to accommodate business needs, and your emotional intelligence to adapt to a variety of situations and individuals, will be valued on this team. You will support global travel, flying an average of 14 days a month, with extended overnights required.

How you would contribute to the role:

If you are a professional Gulfstream pilot with global experience, this may be the opportunity of your career! You will ensure safety as a priority, and will be responsible for the overall operation of the aircraft, passengers, and crew. Additionally, you will ensure that all flight and ground operations comply with FAA Regulations, and will prepare the aircraft for flight by pre-fight inspections, flight planning, routings, fuel requirements, airport requirements, and traffic control. This is a critical role, as your decisions have direct impact on all passenger and crew safety. You will be gone many weekends and some holidays but flying with this team will offer abundant experiences with a world class flight operation. If you seek a role that sets you apart in the aviation industry without the hassle of airport terminals, hotel shuttles, commuting, or jump-seats, consider this opportunity!

What skills and background will be important to be successful:
Minimum 5 years, 5000 hours flight time, with an ATP Jet Certification flying Gulfstream aircrafts
Class I medical certification
FCC Radio License, Valid Driver’s License, and current valid Passport
Ability to work frequent weekends and holidays, and the ability to support a schedule of 15 – 20 days a month away
Ability to fly complex jet aircraft in day and night instrument conditions with ATP standards
Must be able to fly a minimum of two: Gulfstream G-550, Challenger 350, Citation CJ-4, Sikorsky SK-76
High standards for passenger safety, and passenger accommodations
Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation, Business Management, or a related area

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