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Date Posted: 01/22/2019
Company: Normandy Corporation
Position: Part-time Chief Pilot for Phenom 100/TBM/Part 91 Operations
Aircraft: EMBRAER - PHENOM 100
Position Type: Chief Pilot, Aviation Management, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: Rochester, NY (US)
Salary: Stating at $70,000 per year
Description: Seeking Phenom 100 / TBM Pilot for private / Part 91 flight operations w/2000 hours minimum.
This Part-time position offers incredible quality of life! Expect annual flying hours of 110-150 and plane management. Approximately 6-10 weeks on the road for 5-8 days at a time, 5+ long weekends per year. Will have many days and weeks off and we are willing to be flexible in required vacation days/dates. MUST LIVE WITHIN 75 MILES OF ROCHESTER, NY. Compensation includes: Base salary, 401k, medical, company bonus.

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