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Date Posted: 09/29/2018
Company: Time Warner
Position: Corporate Pilot Job - Captain (Farmingdale, NY)
Aircraft: GULFSTREAM - G550
Position Type: Captain, Corporate, Part 91 only
Location: Farmingdale, NY (US)
Description: Warner Media is a leader in entertainment with a rich history of innovation and award-winning content. As a part of AT&T, we are paving the way for industry-leading experiences, connectivity and solutions that haven’t even been imagined.

Our unrivaled operating scale and reputation for creativity and excellence have a daily impact on millions around the globe. Keeping people informed, entertained and connected is what we do.
The Pilot-in-Command reports to the Chief Pilot or to the Aviation Manager in the Chief Pilot’s absence.
Responsibilities: The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) is responsible to the Chief Pilot for the safe and efficient conduct of assigned flights.

Key Responsibilities:
Ensures that the aircraft is airworthy, registered, and that the required documentation is on-board the aircraft
Checks weather and all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determines fuel, oil, and oxygen requirements
Determines the aircraft weight and balance
Ensures databases are current
Ensures that all flight planning requirements have been met
Ensures that aircraft crewmembers have valid licenses, medical certificates, passports, and visas (when required)
Ensures an aircraft pre-flight inspection has been completed before the first flight of the day
Ensures all passengers have received the Passenger Safety Briefing
Operates the aircraft per manufacturer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and within aircraft limitations
Ensures compliance with customs, immigration, and cabotage laws
Completes all post flight duties, including notifying the company of deviations to any planned itinerary or overnight location
Records flight times and aircraft defects, and reports all known or suspected defects
Ensures that checklists are complied with in detail
Ensures the preservation of flight records
Ensures the safety of the occupants and aircraft during its operation
Participates in the Safety Management System
Reports any acts of unlawful interference to the company and the appropriate authorities
Notifies the company and the appropriate authority, by the quickest means available, of any accident involving the aircraft (except where the PIC is incapacitated, then it will become the responsibility of the SIC or Senior Flight Crewmember).

Minimum of 5000 hours of total flight time * International PIC experience Specialized Knowledge: English proficient, strong communication skills

Airplane Multi-Engine Land Rating


Bachelor\\\'s Degree (highly desirable)
First Class FAA Medical Certificate
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

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