There is a virtual pilot shortage in some parts of the world, especially in Asia and the Middle East. Demand for pilots in the next decade is expected to be up to 75% higher in these areas than in other parts of the world. Jobs in the Middle East often have a salary and benefits package that far outweighs what you’ll find at home, there are opportunities for low-time pilots, housing and living expenses are often taken care of, and tax burden can be different for pilots who live and work in the Middle East.

At BizJetJobs, we specialize in finding the best pilot jobs in the Middle East for our Members. We maintain excellent relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for pilots the Middle East.

If you need assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809.

Date Posted Position Company Name
04/16/2015 B737NG Captain (Non Type Rated)(Members Only)
04/16/2015 BD700 Global Express Instructor Pilot (Middle East)(Members Only)
04/16/2015 Global Express - Global Vision Instructor (Middle East)(Members Only)
04/16/2015 Challenger 604/605 Instructors (Middle East)(Members Only)
04/16/2015 Falcon 7X Instructor (Middle East)(Members Only)
04/16/2015 Falcon 900 Instructors (Middle East)(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Global 6000 / Gulfstream 450 Private Flight Attendant (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Global 6000 First Officer(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Global 6000 First Officer (Riyadh, SA)(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Gulfstream IV Captain (3-12 mo. contract)(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Gulfstream IV First Officer (3-12 mo. contract)(Members Only)
04/13/2015 Gulfstream IV TRI/TRE (3-12 mo. contract)(Members Only)
04/10/2015 Gulfstream 450/5550 Pilot(Members Only)
04/07/2015 Lear 60/60XR First Officer(Members Only)
04/02/2015 Gulfstream 450/550/650 First Officers(Members Only)
04/02/2015 Gulfstream 450/550/650 Captains(Members Only)
03/30/2015 VIP Boeing 767 First Officer (Middle East)(Members Only)
03/27/2015 Global Express Captain(Members Only)
03/27/2015 Global 6000 Captain (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
03/27/2015 Global 6000 Captain(Members Only)
03/24/2015 Falcon 7X Captain(Members Only)
03/22/2015 CE560XL Captains & First Officers - Contract(Members Only)
03/19/2015 Flight Attendant(Members Only)
03/19/2015 Gulfstream 650 First Officer (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
03/19/2015 Gulfstream 650 Captain (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
03/17/2015 Global Vision Pilot(Members Only)
03/13/2015 VVIP Boeing 767 First Officer(Members Only)
03/13/2015 F-18 Instructor Pilot(Members Only)
03/12/2015 VVIP A318 Captains(Members Only)
03/11/2015 Falcon 7X Captain(Members Only)
03/03/2015 Boeing 737NG First Officers(Members Only)
02/27/2015 Global 5000/XRS / Challenger 605 First Officer(Members Only)
02/26/2015 Airbus A320 Pilot(Members Only)
02/26/2015 Hawker 800XP / 900XP Pilot(Members Only)
02/23/2015 Boeing BBJ First Officer(Members Only)
02/23/2015 Global 5000 Captain(Members Only)
02/21/2015 A320 Captains(Members Only)
02/21/2015 B737NG Captains (2 yr. contract)(Members Only)
02/20/2015 Gulfstream 300/400/IV First Officer(Members Only)
02/19/2015 Gulfstream 650 Pilot (UAE)(Members Only)