Pilot jobs in Asia are hot! The demand for air travel in Asia is high, Asian airlines have firm orders for aircraft over the coming years and the supply of local pilots is limited. As a result Asian airlines are often willing to pay more and assist pilots with relocation or travel home. Job experience in Asia can build your seniority, increase your compensation or help more senior pilots regain income lost due to airline restructuring at home.

BizJetJobs specializes in full time, contract, corporate and international aviation jobs. We maintain excellent relationships with Charter, Airline, Corporate / Part 91, Fractional and Aviation Management departments who notify us when they have a need for pilots in Asia. We feature opportunities to fly as a First or Second Officer in Asia, on widebody aircraft, opportunities for low-time pilots and more.

Our asia pilot job opportunities include listings in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan and Singapore. If you need assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809.

For assistance contact us today at (402)253-7809. You may also sign-up here.

Date Posted Position Company Name
04/03/2019 B747-8i Captain(Members Only)
04/03/2019 A340 Captain(Members Only)
04/01/2019 EASA Licensed Gulfstream 650 Captain - Private Operations (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
03/29/2019 Cabin Crew(Members Only)
03/26/2019 Gulfstream G650/500 First Officer(Members Only)
03/26/2019 Gulfstream G650/500 Captain(Members Only)
03/26/2019 BD700 Type Rated First Officer(Members Only)
03/26/2019 BD700 Type Rated Captain(Members Only)
03/25/2019 VIP Flight Attendant (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
03/25/2019 Globlal 6000 Captain - Private Operations (Singapore)(Members Only)
03/25/2019 Helicopter Pilot Job (Middle East)(Members Only)
03/23/2019 Corporate Flight Attendant (Members Only)
03/22/2019 Gulfstream 650 Captain or First Officer (Hong Kong)(Members Only)
03/22/2019 G-650 EASA Captain (Members Only)
03/20/2019 VIP Flight Attendant(Members Only)
03/19/2019 EASA Gulfstream 650 First Officer(Members Only)
03/16/2019 Corporate Jet Pilots (Asia-Pacific)(Members Only)
03/16/2019 Corporate Flight Attendant / Fluent Mandarin (Members Only)
03/11/2019 Corporate Jet Flight Attendant(Members Only)
03/11/2019 Corporate Challenger 605 Pilot(Members Only)
03/09/2019 VIP Cabin Crew - Middle East(Members Only)
03/08/2019 Gulfstream 650 Captain (Members Only)
03/02/2019 G-IV Pilot - Captain(Members Only)
03/02/2019 Boeing BBJ Pilot - Captain (Members Only)
03/01/2019 Flight Attendant Jobs - Hong Kong (Members Only)
02/25/2019 VVIP Flight Attendant Job / Southeast Asia (Members Only)
02/25/2019 G-650 Pilot Job / Southeast Asia(Members Only)
02/23/2019 Global 6000 Captain (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
02/23/2019 VVIP Flight Attendant Job(Members Only)
02/23/2019 B747-8i Captain (Members Only)
02/23/2019 A340 Captain(Members Only)
02/21/2019 Cessna 208 Amphibian Pilot (Members Only)
02/19/2019 Flight Attendant Recruitment (Hong Kong)(Members Only)
02/19/2019 Challenger 850 Captain (Members Only)
02/19/2019 Gulfstream 450 First Officer(Members Only)
02/18/2019 Gulfstream 650 Captain of First Officer (Hong Kong)(Members Only)
02/15/2019 Global 6000 First Officer (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
02/15/2019 Global 6000 Captain - Private Operations (Singapore)(Members Only)
02/15/2019 Gulfstream 650 First Officer (Dubai, UAE)(Members Only)
02/09/2019 Corporate Jet Cabin Crew Manager (Hong Kong)(Members Only)