Easily Create & Apply for Corporate Pilot Jobs with the BizJetJobs Resume Builder


When looking for corporate pilot work, it’s common to want to update your pilot resume. We’ve created a visual guide to doing this on BizJetJobs. Here’s our step-by-step on how to use the BizJetJobs resume builder to create a great-looking resume. (Please note: you may also upload an existing resume using our system). The full illustrated tutorial follows.

1. Click My Dashboard and choose the My Resume tab.

2. Select the Choose to Apply for Jobs using Our Resume Builder radio button (note: here’s where you also may opt to upload an existing resume). Be sure your Contact Information is the way you’d like it to appear on your resume. If not you can change by clicking Edit Contact Information.

3. When you click Edit Contact Information, the following screen will appear. If you make changes to your contact info, be sure to click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen:

4. Next, click Edit Objective.

5. Note below that Joe Pilot has chosen to create an objective that is specific to the job he is applying for with ABC Company. One of the great things about using our Resume Builder is you can change your Objective at any time by clicking Edit Objective under the My Resume tab. Many employers like to see an objective that is specific to their company. Just don’t forget to Save Changes after doing so.

6. You’ll also want to add Certificates & Ratings, Experience, Systems Knowledge and Education to your pilot resume as shown below:

7. This is all free text, except for Add Education. When you click Add Education, you will be prompted to enter your University name, Location and Degree. Don’t forget to save as you go using the green Save Resume button!

8. You are now ready to apply for jobs on the Job Board using your new resume. Most pilots like to review their resume before sending, so it’s a good idea to first use the Download Resume feature. From your dashboard, you also may Email My Resume directly to your contacts.

9. When you choose Download Resume option, the following dialog box will pop up. Just select where on your hard drive you’d like to save your resume and a copy will be available in PDF format.

Here’s a preview of the formatting you can expect using our Resume Builder:

10. When you select the Email My Resume option, all you have to do is enter the Recipient’s Email (maybe someone you were networking with recently, or a friend who’s reviewing your resume for typos) and add a personal Message. You also may update the Subject Line if desired.

11. Applying for jobs using your new resume only takes a few clicks. First, navigate to the Job Board and select a position you’re interested in applying for:

12. Click on the name of the position. If the red Apply Online box has no red arrow, it means you can apply using the resume you just created in just a few clicks. (If the Apply Online box has an arrow inside, you’ll be leaving BizJetJobs website to apply for this position using the Employer’s website and interface. In this case, you’ll need to use the resume you downloaded to your computer to apply).

13. When you click Apply Online for a BizJetJobs hosted application, you’ll see the following screen:

Note above you can use the blue link to View or Edit Current Resume. This will allow you to take a look at the resume on file – whether it’s the one you created using the Resume Builder or one you uploaded. You also may Attach a Different Resume from your computer, if desired.

Don’t forget to add a Personal Message as shown above. This message will prepopulate based on any previous messages you’ve saved to our system, which can save you time – just be sure to personalize for each Employer and use the blue Save message for next application checkbox if you wish to do so.

Our successful pilots double-check everything by using the blue Preview Email to see a copy of what’s going out to the Employer before sending. Click the green Send Application button to apply for the job and you’re all set!

A copy of your submission will appear in your Pilot Dashboard / My Dashboard, like this:

Happy resume-building and job hunting! Don’t forget that if you have questions or get stuck, we’re just a phone call away.