Video: Our Interview with Wing Aviation President Dave Riddle


A former U.S. Air Force Pilot, Capt. David Riddle used to find his first Part 91 corporate pilot job flying a G5. Over the years, he has been an ally for dozens of pilots as they transition into their first corporate pilot job. He’s helped by providing insights and advice on how flight departments are organized, schedules, key contacts, and how to prepare for an interview. He has also encouraged many of his friends to sign up on

He rose in the ranks, taking a management position and today is President of the aviation management company Wing Aviation.

Born and raised in Australia, Dave came to the U.S. to study at UC Berkeley. In this video he tells his story, explains why he loves to help other pilots as they transition to corporate jobs and describes some of the great pilot job openings at his company Wing Aviation.

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Work for Dave! Positions at Wing Aviation:

G200 Captain (Houston, TX)
G-IV PIC (Houston, TX)
G200 PIC (Houston, TX)
Citation 560 XL (Houston, TX)