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Heather Raco

Soddy-daisy, TN (US)
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • Flight Attendant School/Date: May 10, 2019
  • Years of Experience: Completed training May 2019 to current.
  • Aircraft Experience: Flown on Falcon. Trained on Gulfstream, Boeing, Falcon, Global, Hawker, Challenger, and Embraer aircraft.
  • Languages: English, some French, Italian & Spanish
  • VIP/ 5 Star Experience?: Yes
  • First Aid Training Date: Yes, AHA certified and pet CPR certified.
  • Life Raft Training Date: May 10, 2019
  • Will Travel on Short Notice: Yes
  • Airports within 2 Hours: CHA, ATL, BNA, TYS, HSV, BHX, RMG
  • Willing to Airline to Departure City?: Yes
  • Willing to Relocate?: Yes


Primary: Flight Attendant
Secondary: Aviation Safety

Additional Details: -Small town girl with a heart for animals, a passion for serving others and an eye for the sky.
-I spend my free time rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals using my flight benefits to fly animals home all over the US.
-Driven, thoughtful, kind, patient and polite.
-Raised in aviation, both parents NAVY, dad is retired delta mechanic. Constant travel was normal growing up for me. My parents wanted to make sure we had an appreciation for seeing new places and learning about other cultures and cuisine.
-Service heart, I find great pleasure in being able to serve others whether that be with opening a door or creating a 5 star meal from scratch. Taking care of others and anticipating others needs is instinct for me.
-Starting young in the fine dining food and beverage service industry, working from the back of the house to the front really gave me a well rounded appreciation for service and what it can be. Over 15 years of food and beverage background including working in the kitchen as a prep cook to being front of house manager and every spot in between.
-I believe knowledge is key and learning is never done. No matter what title you hold, I think it is important to learn all of the other tasks, procedures and operations of all others that make your line of work come full circle.
-Teamwork, a positive attitude and respect for everyone is something I hold true to as I know with those simple things you can thrive to accomplish the job with excellence.