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Chaney Coetzer

Dubai (AE)
  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • Flight Attendant School/Date: Emirates
  • Years of Experience: All together 16 years in Aviation
  • Aircraft Experience: MD80; DC9; Boeing 767,777,A340,A380, Global express,
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans
  • VIP/ 5 Star Experience?: Yes
  • First Aid Training Date: June 11, 2018
  • Life Raft Training Date: June 11, 2017
  • Airports within 2 Hours: At this stage Dubai International Airport,
  • Willing to Airline to Departure City?: Yes
  • Willing to Relocate?: Yes


Primary: Flight Attendant
Secondary: Flight Attendant

Additional Details: Interests: Studied Heritage and Cultural Tourism. Looking into the possibility of studying International politics. Very interested in the UN, UNICEF, any global relief or charity organisation. A dream to work for one of these organisations one day. Have a huge passion to give back to the community.

Hobbies: Gym, Reading, Learning French, Sailing,