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sharilynn smith

  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • Flight Attendant School/Date: 04/20/2016
  • Price Per Day: 500
  • International Price Per Day: 600
  • Years of Experience: 16+
  • Aircraft Experience: Challenger 604 747-767-A319-A320 -757-777+737-727-Dc10-L10-11-
  • VIP/ 5 Star Experience?: Yes
  • First Aid Training Date: 04/22/2016
  • Life Raft Training Date: 04/21/2016
  • Will Travel on Short Notice: Yes
  • Airports within 2 Hours: SFO SMF RNO OAK SJO TRK
  • Willing to Airline to Departure City?: Yes


Primary: Flight Attendant

Additional Details: I am a certified Chef and also have an extensive background with aviation.

With over 16 years experience in the Aviation industry , I have proudly served as the Ambassador between the airline and its customers. Working with a variety of airlines including major carriers, charter carriers, and commuter jets, my highest priority as the Senior Flight Attendant was the safety of my crew and passengers at all times.

To better impart a pleasant flying experience, I spent much of my in-flight time seeing to the comfort and needs of my passengers, including easing frustration and wait times, attending to passenger requests, and helping to build an overall relationship between the passengers and the airline.

Some of my less visible responsibilities, nonetheless vital to the daily functions of the airlines, included:

• Attending Flight Briefings
• Keeping apprised of special considerations
• Submitting reports to the airline with flight details
• In emergencies, take the lead in aiding passengers
• Being prepared to provide direction for emergency landings
• Assisting passengers out of emergency exits and with equipment
• Performing first aid if needed