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Judy McDermott

  • Corporate Experience?: Yes
  • Flight Attendant School/Date: October 19, 2018
  • Price Per Day: 550
  • International Price Per Day: 600
  • Years of Experience: 14
  • Aircraft Experience: Gulfstream 550 650 Legacy 600 Falcon 900EX and 2000 challenger Embraer Citation
  • Languages: English
  • VIP/ 5 Star Experience?: Yes
  • First Aid Training Date: October 18, 2018
  • Life Raft Training Date: October 18, 2018
  • Will Travel on Short Notice: Yes
  • Airports within 2 Hours: FRG,ISP,TEB,JFK,LGA,EWR,MMU,HPN,SWF,TTN, MMU
  • Willing to Airline to Departure City?: Yes
  • Willing to Relocate?: Yes


Primary: Flight Attendant
Secondary: Flight Attendant

Additional Details: Extensive experience in providing executive service to high profile clientele and successfully solving/managing customer service challenges while always assuring the safety, well-being, confidentiality of clients and the reputation of the company. strong interpersonal skills. Ability to adapt and maintain a calm and professional demeanor during difficult situations and effectively balance individual and team responsibility to deliver service beyond expectations.
* I believe the personal integrity, professionalism, adaptability and positive attitude are essential to the role and responsibilities of a flight attendant as they create a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience for both passengers and co-workers alike.