We offer Corporate pilot jobs (Part-91) garnered from excellent relationships with corporate flight departments and consist of full-time, contract, part-time and international Part 91 flying job openings. Many of our corporate aircraft job openings offer the best compensation, top benefits and most flexible schedules available.

We are here to help. We speak regularly with and give guidance to seasoned full-time and contract corporate pilots, those retiring from the military and airlines, as well as low time pilots looking for their first Part-91 flying job. We can answer questions regarding a specific company or position, offer career guidance, advice on resumes and interviewing, suggest companies based on your background & experience, and more. We are available by phone and email from 9-5 (EST) Monday-Friday. During off hours we can still be reached via email and can expect a response within 24 hours. Keep in mind: Our team speaks with employers and pilots on a daily basis and have found pilots that utilize this resource are often more successful in finding pilot jobs in corporate aviation.

In addition. We offer our Flight Department Directory to help identify close to 2000 Part-91 flight departments. Employers also reach out to pilots via our Contract Pilot Listings, and Full-Time Pilot Listings.

Search the corporate pilot job openings below, then consider one of our membership options to help manage your Part 91 career.

Date Posted Position Company Name
04/11/2017 Citation CE-560XL Captain (Chicago, IL)(Members Only)
04/11/2017 Falcon 900/2000 Pilot (Nashville, TN)(Members Only)
04/11/2017 Falcon 2000LX Captain(Members Only)
04/11/2017 Citation CJ3 Captain - Part 91 (Bedford, MA)(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Lear 60 Pilot (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Learjet 60XR PIC / SIC (8 wk contract)(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Citation 560XL / CE680 Captain-Part 91(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Citation CE560XL / CE680 First Officer - Part 91(Members Only)
04/10/2017 PC-12 PIC / Gulfstream G-V First Officer - Part 91(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Challenger 300/350 Captain (Singapore)(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Global Express - Global Vision Captain(Members Only)
04/10/2017 Falcon 2000EX EASy Corporate Pilot Uline
04/10/2017 Falcon 2000EX EASy Captain - Part 91 Flight Operations (North Carolina)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Premier 1a Captain / Manager (Houston, TX)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 CE560XL Corporate Pilot(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Citation CJ2 Pilot (Atlanta, GA)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 King Air 350 Corporate Pilot (San Diego, CA)Northrop Grumman
04/08/2017 Corporate Challenger 601-3A Captain (Wyoming)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Embraer Legacy 650 First Officer (White Plains, NY)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Embraer Legacy 650 Captain (White Plains, NY)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Gulfstream 200 SIC Pilot Job (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Gulfstream 200 PIC Pilot Job (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
04/08/2017 Gulfstream 200 PIC Pilot Job (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 King Air 200 First Officer (Phoenix, AZ)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 HondaJet Captain (Phoenix, AZ)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 Falcon 2000 EASy II Captain (Connecticut)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 Learjet 45 Pilot (Michigan)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 Hawker 850XP Captain (Members Only)
04/07/2017 Citation 560 Ultra Pilot Job(Members Only)
04/07/2017 Corporate Pilot Job - Captain (Madison, WI)(Members Only)
04/07/2017 Gulfstream 200 Captains (SoCal)(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Corporate EMB-145 Pilot (North Carolina)(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Citation XLS First Officer - Part 91Chouest Air, Inc.
04/06/2017 Citation XLS Captain - Part 91Chouest Air, Inc.
04/06/2017 Corporate Jet First Officers(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Gulfstream V First Officer(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Gulfstream 200 First Officer(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Gulfstream 200 Captain (Members Only)
04/06/2017 G-IVSP Captain (SoCal)(Members Only)
04/06/2017 Lear 31 Pilot-in-Command(Members Only)

Who is BizJetjJobs.com?

BizJetJobs.com was launched 15 years ago by Rick Koubsky, a corporate pilot and Director of Aviation, based in Omaha, NE. In 1997 the site was launched as a Flight Department Directory, to help corporate pilots network effectively in the often shrouded world of corporate aviation. As business has grown, we have become the job-seeking pilot’s advocate, specializing in helping pilots connect with ideal-fit employers. We also assist corporate aviation HR departments, as they work to fill unique positions around the world.

HOW IT WORKS - for pilots:

  •  Corporate pilots can use the site anonymously, making themselves known to only specific employers.
  •  They can put together a complete public profile in our pilot directory so employers find them.
  •  They can receive targeted pilot job alerts for full-time and/or contract pilot work.
  •  They can use our flight department directory to better undersand and connect with employers.

HOW IT WORKS - for employers:

  •  HR Departments can post jobs and manage applicants in real time.
  •  Employers of all sizes can send job alerts or invite pilots to apply to their position.
  •  Aviation employers, once approved, can remain anonymous when posting jobs
  •  Employers can contact pilots based on location and experience.
  •  Employers can fill last-minute requirement around the globe.

By the numbers, the BizJetJobs.com website actually has more employers contacting pilots directly “behind the scenes” versus posting jobs.

While we are known for having the most current pilot jobs, “pilots have many options when it comes to finding positions on our Website," says founder Rick Koubsky. Our pilot directory is used by all the top flight departments, regional airlines, charter companies and staffing companies around the world. As a corporate pilot himself, Rick fully understands the needs of his corporate pilot members. As a Director of Aviation, he “gets” the nuances faced by both sides of the hiring equation.

At BizJetJobs.com, our staff of industry experts and friends has become a family eager to help continue the journey.

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