Congratulations to Bryan Loran, 1st Member Typed in the GVII


We had the chance to chat with newly type-rated Gulfstream GVII pilot and Member Bryan Loran. This brand new type rating covers both the G-500 aircraft and the G-600 aircraft, the latter of which at the time of this writing Bryan informed us was so new it had not been delivered to any customer yet. Loran is one of the many pilots to take the plunge and get this brand-new type rating – and he’s the first BizJetJobs pilot to do so. Read on for our interview with Gulfstream Guru Bryan Loran!

BJJ: Tell us a little about the brand-spanking-new Gulfstream GVII type rating and why you chose to invest in getting it.

Bryan: I had the opportunity to be part of the 5th class ever for the GVII type rating, which   covers the G-500 and the G-600. The G-600 aircraft hasn’t been delivered to any customer yet, but I expect it will be just as popular. I currently have 7,000+ hours in the Gulfstream and 8,000+ in the Falcon. I’ve flown and am typed in every original classic Gulfstream aircraft ever made, from the G-I on. One of the companies that I work for now as a contract pilot will soon be taking delivery of a G-500 aircraft. That’s why I chose to become a GVII type rated pilot.

BJJ: How has worked for you?

Bryan: I’ve been a Member for at least five years. At the moment I use it to look for contract work, but I’ve used it as both a job-seeking pilot and as an employer looking to hire pilots. In my opinion, is the best site in the industry – for both job-seeking corporate pilots and corporate employers looking to find a pilot. I rely on it because I know it’s updated daily. When I check it in the morning, I can usually expect to log in three hours later and find it has been updated again! In my experience and through word-of-mouth, I understand it’s the industry standard, and the most-used site in corporate aviation. It’s relevant, and includes the majority of the corporate flight departments looking for pilots. Since I’m a corporate pilot, I like that it’s not cluttered with airline jobs. It’s laser-focused on corporate and charter work. When I was managing a Fortune 500 Company’s flight department, I relied exclusively on to find pilots, and I found quite a few good people. Even now as a contract pilot, when the company I work for asks me to find a co-pilot to fly with me, I’m able to do that well with BJJ.

BJJ: What you like about these aircraft?

Bryan: The automation in the G-500 / G-600 aircraft is simply amazing! This results in very little workload on the pilot. Many tests and functions are performed automatically, and the whole aircraft is designed with touchscreens, so there are very few physical knobs in the cockpit. This is great because the pilot can now decide where he wants a particular panel to appear, such as the fuel, hydraulic, or pressurization panels for example. You can put them where you want, when you want. It’s much simpler when you can limit your focus to the things that you need to see in that moment. Even on the G-650, all the knobs are physical.

In terms of safety, the G-500/G-600 aircraft have very redundant systems, so it’s almost impossible for anything to fail or lose control. If you lose screens or functionality, you can still manage the aircraft by another means.

There’s no control wheel in front of you on either aircraft; they both fly with a side stick, which takes some getting used to. I was already accustomed to the side stick having flown the Falcon 7X extensively.

BJJ: May we ask your daily rate?

Bryan: The going rate right now for GVII type-rated contract pilots is (or will be) $4500/day.

This isn’t a number I just pulled out of the air. I based this rate on conversations with other potential GVII contract pilots and employers. With the cost of training, number of new GVII deliveries and qualified pilots, this what we all think will be the projected beginning industry standard daily rate. When the G-650 first came out, the daily rate was very high. Over time the daily rate for G-650 pilots has dropped due to the increasing number of pilots with this type rating, supply and demand.

We pilots often find ourselves caught with low pay because inexperienced pilots take a position for a daily rate that is much lower than the industry standard. This hurts all of us as pilots.

BJJ: So how great are the aircraft covered under the GVII type rating?

Bryan: These aircraft are truly amazing, in my opinion. The new Pratt & Whitney (P&W) 814 engines are much more fuel efficient than previous Gulfstream engines, and these are really fast aircraft, with a maximum speed of Mach .925. The G-500 carries less fuel than the GV, but it burns less fuel per nautical mile than any of its Gulfstream predecessors. It has the same fuel consumption with 2 engines as the Falcon 7X has with 3 engines! In other words, it will fly to the same place as the GV, but get there quicker with less fuel. The G-600 is a bit heavier, larger and carries a bit more fuel, but it’s almost identical to the G-500. In the cockpit, as a pilot, you shouldn’t notice a difference between the two aircraft, hence the combined type rating.

BJJ: Thanks Bryan, and congratulations on being the first GVII type rated pilot on BizJetJobs!

GULFSTREAM PILOTS, are you considering getting your GVII type rating (good for both the brand new G-500 aircraft and the G-600 aircraft)? It’s now listed among the type ratings you may display for employers on your Public Profile. Take a moment now and make sure all your type ratings are showing up correctly. (Step-by-step instructions appear below illustrated guide …)

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  3. Navigate to Public Profile. Don’t like what you see?
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