Date Posted Position Company Name
11/19/2020 Director of Maintenance (Europe)(Members Only)
11/12/2020 Sr Test Pilot - Seattle, WA(Members Only)
11/11/2020 Manager of Aviation Safety & Training (Lexington, KY)(Members Only)
11/11/2020 Aviation Director of Quality Control(Members Only)
11/09/2020 Test Pilot Job (North Carolina)(Members Only)
10/29/2020 Experimental Test Pilot(Members Only)
10/23/2020 Sr. Aviation Safety Officer (Members Only)
10/16/2020 Gulfstream 600 Crew / Aircraft Manager (Members Only)
10/13/2020 Fighter Pilot - Assistant Standardization & Evaluations Officer(Members Only)
10/10/2020 Aircraft Pilot - Flight Test(Members Only)
10/06/2020 Aviation SMS Safety Specialist (Temporary Position)(Members Only)
10/05/2020 Aviation Vice President of Owners Services (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
10/05/2020 Aviation Safety Action Program Manager (Denver, CO)(Members Only)
10/05/2020 P/T Flight Crew Training Expert (Rotary Wing)(Members Only)
10/02/2020 Director of Safety (Members Only)
09/29/2020 Director of Maintenance (Hawaii)(Members Only)
09/22/2020 Flight Test Pilot / Corporate Pilot (Sweden)(Members Only)
09/18/2020 Analyst - Airport Operations Safety (Hawaii)(Members Only)
09/09/2020 Director of Aviation Safety -- Scotland(Members Only)
09/01/2020 Senior Manager, Airport Operations Contract Administration (Honolulu, HI)(Members Only)
09/01/2020 Director, Airport Operations Safety (Honolulu, HI)(Members Only)
08/31/2020 Flight Operations Specialist (Kansas)(Members Only)
08/25/2020 Senior Safety Data Analyst - Flight Operations (Members Only)
08/19/2020 Manager Flight Operations Quality Management - Seattle, WA(Members Only)
08/17/2020 Director of Safety (Denver, CO)(Members Only)
08/11/2020 Aviation Safety Manager - California (Part 91/135 Operations)(Members Only)
08/11/2020 Corporate Falcon 2000 Captain / Safety Manager (San Jose, CA)(Members Only)
08/03/2020 Aviation Mission Planner (Washington D.C.)(Members Only)
08/03/2020 Aviation Vice President / Safety Engineer (Renton, WA)(Members Only)
07/31/2020 Flight Ops Support Specialist (Scottsdale, AZ)(Members Only)
07/29/2020 Aviation Safety & Compliance Manager(Members Only)
07/28/2020 Senior Safety Data Analyst (Portugal)(Members Only)
07/22/2020 Fighter Pilot - Asst. Safety Manager(Members Only)
07/21/2020 Boeing 737-800 Sr. Advisor, Flight Operations Quality Assurance (Calgary, Canada)(Members Only)
07/17/2020 Safety & Ground Ops Manager(Members Only)
07/14/2020 Director of Safety (Denver, CO)(Members Only)
07/11/2020 International Operations Specialist (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
07/10/2020 Aviation Safety Officer(Members Only)
07/09/2020 Aviation Safety Officer(Members Only)
07/06/2020 Aviation Officer - Flight Operations (Members Only)