Date Posted Position Company Name
10/17/2017 Director - Aviation Safety(Members Only)
10/14/2017 Corporate Chief Pilot (Toronto, Canada)(Members Only)
10/12/2017 Maintenance Technician // Washington DC(Members Only)
10/10/2017 Chief Pilot / Aviation Safety & Pilot Training Program Manager(Members Only)
09/28/2017 Aviation Manager - Flight Safety (Members Only)
09/18/2017 Citation 680 Sovereign Captain(Members Only)
09/15/2017 Aviation SMS Manager (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
09/11/2017 Aviation SMS Manager(Members Only)
09/08/2017 ATP CTP Instructor(Members Only)
09/02/2017 Director of Safety(Members Only)
08/29/2017 Flight Safety Specialist (Members Only)
08/29/2017 Aviation Director of Safety (Palm Springs, CA)(Members Only)
08/17/2017 Boeing Flight Operations Specialist - Technical & Safety Pilot(Members Only)
08/17/2017 Boeing Technical & Safety Pilot (Members Only)
08/12/2017 Director of Standards (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
08/12/2017 Director of Safety(Members Only)
08/03/2017 Flight Safety Audit Lead (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
06/14/2017 Director, Flight Safety & SMS (Hawaii)(Members Only)
06/08/2017 Assistant Director of Ops (Boca Raton, FL)(Members Only)
05/31/2017 Aviaton Safety Manager - Seattle, WA(Members Only)
05/27/2017 Aviation Safety Intern(Members Only)
05/16/2017 Mgr. Flight Operations / Safety (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
05/15/2017 Aviation Safety Intern (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
04/28/2017 Chief PilotKeystone Aviation
04/28/2017 FlightSafety Specialist (Columbus, OH)(Members Only)
04/27/2017 Manager of Safety (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
04/13/2017 Manager of Standards(Members Only)
04/12/2017 Manager - Safety Management System (Florida)(Members Only)
04/11/2017 Safety Manager/Captain King Air 350 Part 135/91 (Members Only)
03/30/2017 Aviation Safety Coordinator(Members Only)
03/28/2017 Manager of Safety (Teterboro, NJ)(Members Only)
03/20/2017 Base Captain/Safety Manager (Maine)(Members Only)
03/20/2017 Aircraft SCHEDULER(Members Only)
03/15/2017 Inflight Safety & Compliance Manager (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
03/09/2017 Safety Management Specialist (SMS)(Members Only)
03/07/2017 Manager, Flight Standards and Qualifications (Honolulu, HI)(Members Only)
02/24/2017 Aviation Safety Intern (Florida)(Members Only)
02/21/2017 Aviation Safety Specialist (Members Only)
02/20/2017 Director of Safety (Los Angeles, CA)(Members Only)
02/03/2017 Safety Management System Manager (Members Only)