Date Posted Position Company Name
11/14/2018 Maintenance CoordinatorGama Aviation
11/08/2018 Maintenance ControllerGama Aviation
11/01/2018 Aviation Vice President of Sales(Members Only)
10/30/2018 Hawker 900XP PIC & SIC (Home Based)(Members Only)
10/30/2018 Hawker 4000 PICs(Members Only)
10/24/2018 Base Maintenance Manager // Chicago, IL(Members Only)
10/19/2018 Maintenance Technician // Washington DC(Members Only)
10/12/2018 A220 Flight Test Pilot (Members Only)
10/09/2018 Training Manager and Technical Pilot (Non Flying Role)Planet Nine Private Air, LLC
10/04/2018 Hawker 800XP / 400XP / Citation Bravo - SIC (Florida)(Members Only)
10/03/2018 Field Service Engineer(Members Only)
10/03/2018 Aircraft Crew Chief(Members Only)
09/28/2018 Air Carrier Safety Manager (Members Only)
09/25/2018 Field Service Engineer(Members Only)
09/25/2018 Maintenance Control Assistant(Members Only)
09/24/2018 Part-Time Flight Safety Officer (Members Only)
09/21/2018 Corporate Aviation Safety Manager (Members Only)
09/15/2018 G-IV Captain (Texas)(Members Only)
09/13/2018 Field Service Engineer(Members Only)
09/03/2018 Flight Operations – Safety Analyst Intern (Members Only)
08/31/2018 Challenger 300 Demonstration Pilot(Members Only)
08/30/2018 A&P Maintenance / Avionics TechnicianGama Aviation
08/22/2018 Flt. Safety Human Factors Business Partner(Members Only)
08/17/2018 P/T Flight Attendant Instructor (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
08/17/2018 Flight Safety Specialist(Members Only)
08/09/2018 Maintenance TechnicianGama Aviation Engineering
08/01/2018 Maintenance Coordinator(Members Only)
07/20/2018 Manager Aviation Safety & Security (Dallas, TX)(Members Only)
07/19/2018 A&P Maintenance TechnicianGama Aviation
07/17/2018 Safety Assurance Manager (Seattle, WA)(Members Only)
07/16/2018 Falcon 2000 Maintenance Manager(Members Only)
07/11/2018 Safety Management System Coordinator (Members Only)
06/25/2018 Flight Operations Quality Assurance Specialist (Members Only)
06/23/2018 Inflight SMS Manager (Las Vegas, NV)(Members Only)
06/20/2018 (ATSEP) Maintenance Engineer or Advanced Technician(Members Only)
06/19/2018 Aviation Safety Manager (Members Only)
06/14/2018 Director of Aviation Safety(Members Only)
06/05/2018 Maintenance CoordinatorGama Aviation
06/05/2018 Aviation Quality & Safety Manager (Middle East)(Members Only)
06/01/2018 Maintenance Controller(Members Only)